Our friends at Undead Labs in Seattle have been working hard on a new open-world zombie game for Xbox 360 and PC, and they’re finally ready to launch.

Described as a 3rd-person action game set in an open world that simulates actual zombie survival experiences, Undead Labs says it will be an game that, “develops in real-time, [and is] shaped by your actions.”

Check out a teaser video below, or go to the OFFICIAL SITE for more info.


  1. this game is so good, I play it on xbox I am going to get the full game soon, love it

  2. the freaking zombie games they make nowaday are not as realistic and as fun as a real zombie apoclypic

  3. Like ShadowWeezle said. The more unrealistic elements are left out of a zombie game, the better the game gets. For this one in particular I was still the market all the way up to the zombie head popping jump kick, and later the 4 foot jump onto a zombie’s head.

    Why has no company ever delivered on an ultra-realistic zombie experience? There’s a way to do it, I’ve written plenty on it already, but it always seems like the writers need to add some goofy element to detract from the story we’ve all been waiting for. For example: Quarantine seemed to have it right up until the diaper and attic zombie in the last 7 minutes, and we all saw what happened with the sequels…

    Why is the mantra: “Give the fans (almost) what they want? Imo this site, Brooks’ material, and the DoD remake up until the “let’s leave behind our most likely opportunity for survival” bit, seem to be the only sources that get it right!

    Design it, and they will buy.

    – A concerned pre-apocolyptic citizen –

  4. Im not a big fan of the 3td person view games but looks like i will have to learn to love them now 😀

  5. Would be nice if a quality engine was used. On a side-note, I heard someone big was going to move forward with a high-end engine for the Day-Z mod and make it a full-blown game outside of the Arma 2 confines.

  6. “a new open-world zombie game for Xbox 360 and PC”

    Who said anything about PS3?

  7. I dunno. The graphics are a bit cheesy looking. Seems a little like “Dead Island” meets “Left 4 Dead”. But, I’m a sucker for all things undead…I’ll give it a chance :).

  8. Looks interesting, but I doubt it’ll be coming to PS3 since Microsoft is involved in the making.

  9. Sweet… Looks like GTA meets L4D

  10. This looks great, I prefer FPS to 3rd person…it makes you feel like you are in the game. but as long as you keep spitters, exploders and other stupid zombie game killers out of it…I will be buying this game. is there a demo to check out?

  11. Looks like a great game, I also recommend checking out the DayZ mod for Arma 2.

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