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We’re all in favor of zombie fans getting as ready for the coming undead plague as humanly possible, but it seems that all the preparation caused one woman in Pennsylvania to snap.

Driving a car with the license plate ZOMBIE, Yardley Joy Frantz hit two pedestrians with her car before zapping another man with a stun gun, USA Today reports. The 29 year old woman will be charged with three counts of assault and harassment and one count of aggravated assault.

We’ve previously argued that stun guns are a great nonlethal weapon for use against human threats in a catastrophic zombie outbreak, and there may come a time after society collapses that your car must become a ram to get out of dangerous situations. But until you have solid confirmation that the dead have risen to eat the living, try not to run over people and then taze them as you try to make your escape.

That kind of behavior only gives zombie enthusiasts a bad name, and will land you in jail faster than you can say, “They’re coming to get you, Barbra!” The defense that you thought the victims wanted to eat your brains will only work if they actually did want to eat your brains.

So stay alert, get prepared, and try to keep the paranoia and fits of rage to a minimum. Everyone will better off in the long run.


  1. soooooo maybe people shouldnt walk around decked out in full zombie gear? i know that isnt why this girl did this but still, i saw a video of people walking around like zombies in new york (and looked pretty realistic) and i thought it was a pretty good way to get yourself shot in the face by someone thats paranoid of a zombie apocolypse lol, at least get smacked in the head a few times.

  2. You never of these things happening in Texas. We shoot our victims, with all the guns in Texas how can’t we? I’m pretty sure she was on cloud 9 when she did what she did. XD

  3. I’m ashamed that I live in the same state as this wacko

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