By 1LT Chris Post

No matter what your zombie survival strategy, sooner or later you’ll likely have to contend with the threat of roving human gangs–such as the deadly killers seen above. Rather than preparing alone for the dangers you’ll face, consider forming a gang of your own.

The key to success of any post-outbreak militia is planning and organization.

There’s a reason every military force in the world has a rank structure and chain of command. It works. Your gang will need to be organized to succeed and the best time to start that organization is before disaster strikes.

Meet regularly with your group to train for what lies ahead. Choose leaders and establish a clear chain of command. Each member of the group should know their assigned role as well as the group’s code of conduct.

Finally, your group should establish a rendezvous location to be your first destination in the event of a zombie plague, or other catastrophic natural or man-made disaster.

Aside from the women above, what would be the scariest zombie gang in a zombie outbreak?


  1. I would have to agree about the white supremacists. When you take guns, fear and desperation and put them into the hands of hateful and ignorant human beings, you have a deadly combination that hurts everyone living around them. Someone who is already narrow minded enough to believe in racial superiorities of one people over another would be willing to harm fellow survivors for their possessions without provacation. I for one would always intend to try to help the living but at the same time I am smart enough to know that people are capable to do evil things to one another. If I thought my daughter would be in harms way by me helping some group of survivors in their time of need, i would sooner watch them die rather than allow them take my “bunker”, steal my supplies or take my daughter.

  2. For the UK I’d say farmers over chavs if it was a group I was going up against. An excess of shotguns and hunting rifles, plus considerably more intelligent than chavs so able to actually organise against you, rather than just trying to mob you with baseball bats and crowbars.

  3. Over here in the UK, my money’d be on Chav gangs – minimal discipline, maximum noise and violence. Granted, guns aren’t quite as available here as on the other side of the pond, but I can still imagine them inflicting a fair amount of damage with what they’ve got before they’re overrun.

  4. Cajuns would be the worst type of gang to face. They’re all armed with plenty of guns and ammo, know how to sneak up on wily animals, can accurately snipe from great distances, and most have 4×4’s. On top of that, they have no problem getting drunk and causing trouble when the world is normal. They’ll go batshit crazy when the apocalypse comes… oh and did I mention that Cajuns eat all kinds of crazy things? Don’t be surprised if uninfected Cajuns consume more human flesh than the zombies. People gumbo might taste too good to pass up.

  5. The white supremacist mod would suck to have to deal with. A bunch of illiterate red necks with way too much heavy weaponry. With no recourse or responsibility these fellas would probably destroy, steal or assault everything in their path.

  6. Any halfway-armed mob that is panicked mob would be scary. They would shoot with indiscretion, make too much noise, and you’d practically have to knock them unconscious to save their lives. It’d be a little like swimming out to try to save a drowning person in the ocean who too panicked to listen to your instructions.

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