We think this is both funny, and the stupidest prank ever played. It’s amazing that the “zombie” didn’t get shot, or his skull smashed in. Do not try this at home, or at least not near any of our homes, because it could end badly for you.


  1. I want to see what kind of make up he had on too make people actually run…

  2. lol the end made me laugh when the guy realized he wasn’t a zombie and stood up to him

  3. The really crappy part of it is, even with Stand Your Ground laws in place, you have to feel that your life is actually in danger before you are justified in use of deadly force. Even then, if the media feels like crucifying someone for what ever reason, immediate fear for life or limb apparently won’t hold up to scrutiny (ask George Zimmerman).

    What I’m saying is: this guy pulls this crap and someone blows him away, perhaps even in a situation or manner that anyone on this board might do, that person is going to jail for a very long time. You will actually have to wait til the freak has taken a bite out of you before the justification to blow his head off exists, by then, it’s too late for you, huh? Until the dead come crawling after us on a wide scale, you will not be justified in capping someone pulling this crap. It will really suck for the first few hundred folks that actually do put down Zeds, only to be carted off to jail and abandoned alone in their cells. Meanwhile, the cops go AWOL to protect and serve their families and figure that you’re just a scumbag murderer and deserve what you get when he leaves you there to die of starvation or shamble around in circles in your cell as the freshly turned Zack that you have become. Sucks!

  4. Two things about this video:

    1) Was he supposed to be a zombie or a retard? The stupid noises he was making had me confused…

    2) Why didn’t they include any footage with the people that thought he was a retard and didn’t run away? Or better yet – the footage when he got hi ass kicked at the end?

  5. I think the problem is that folks were expecting a traditional slow zombie. They were ready for that. The fast zombie threw them off so they ran.

  6. That last one showed just how stupid this was. He’s lucky he didn’t go after anyone that had a weapon close at hand. I wish I could have seen his face to get an idea of just how scary he looked because I’m surprised he didn’t get the crap beat out of him earlier.

  7. what an interesting example of humans avoiding or even winning over the darwin theory…that guy should be dead, and at least the one guy that tried to take on a zombie bare fisted.

  8. It is actually funny, but honestly if this due would try it here in NC in and around Fort Bragg he would probably get shot… People do not joke lately about this stuff.

  9. Does that video show that a basketball makes a good projectile weapon against the undead?

  10. Definitely one of the top 10 stupidest things I’ve seen yet. He would have been really and truly dead before he had gotten half-way to me.

  11. And thats when I would pull out my gun and shoot the guy.

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