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SPOILER by Daniel Thron


  1. I would love for this to become either a full-length movie or maybe a mini-series or something. Really well done. Maybe sundance worthy

  2. Courtney Miller

    Fantastic! I’d probably do the same, they werent rushing personal getting in there…. Once the place is tourched then see if the baby survived….

    Would live to see more well done zombie short films.

  3. that was real well done. I can see a drama being made from this.

  4. Heather Speaks

    I can honestly say that I probably would have done the same thing as the coroner…

  5. Apocalypse Dan

    Very much the zombie world of Mira Grant’s FEED. Well done.

    • I disagree–unless you have an example to relate other than a similar tagline? If this ever did get made into a larger movie or series, you can be thanked for pointing out that someone might think the same as you and smell a lawsuit, so that could be easily avoided with a few hours of research.

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