Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably already heard about what the press is calling the case of the Miami Zombie. Last week 31 year old Rudy Eugene chewed off the face of Ronald Poppo, a 65 year old homeless man.

The pictures are gruesome and all over the web if you want to check them out, but what you may not know is that this could be part of a disturbing trend. As ZRS Board Member Peter Cummings points out, there have been several other cases of grotesque and unexplained cannibalism in recent months.

In early February, 2012 a 33 year old man named Isakin Jonsson was brought to court in Sweden for cutting off the head of his girlfriend while she took an afternoon nap, and then eating parts of her fresh corpse. Jonsson offered no explanation for his actions, and is being held in a Swedish mental institution.

Then in April, 2012 a 79 year old man in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts was arraigned for killing his wife and chewing off her left arm below the elbow. The fingers on her opposite hand were also eaten. Seen in the photo above, the man said the woman he ate was not his wife and has been sent to psychiatric evaluation.

And there is one more case from just this week that we’ll be covering in a post tomorrow.

Let’s hope these incidents are isolated, and not the quiet beginning to our violent and devastating end.


  1. So, the fact they blame bath salts is funny. Bath salt is a synthetic cocaine, not pcp, or other hallucinogens

  2. I think the more important thing to know is if the zombies eat other zombies.
    If they do we just need to hide out for a while till they kill each other off.

  3. how do you even survive a zombie apocalypse with an autistic son? should I just say go ahead just eat us lol and how do we even prepared for this?

  4. not the most positive news lately. . .and not very comforting that it took ZRS this long to post on it >.<

  5. So, is this a warning? The first wave? How do we know when to hunker down or to bug out? I’m not ready yet!

  6. If the zombie apocalypse happens, I’m buying a submarine.

  7. There was another case in Maryland last week of a man killing and eating his roommate. It was an AP story.

  8. While these are incidents of chemically induced zombies which are non contagious it Cleary shows how easy it is for the brain to be damaged to such a dangerous level.

  9. I’m wondering if the ZRS has also heard about these other case from last week of a man who stabbed himself and threw his own intestines at the cops.
    There’s some next-level shite going on and I’m feeling a little better now that my machete has a nice sharp edge on it…

    • Checked out the “Mother eats baby” thing from 2009 but can’t find any credible sources. It’s been buzzing around a couple social media sites lately.

  10. Hope everyone is ready with a good safe plan for when it truly starts

  11. Courtney Miller

    End??? I call it a new beginning! It is crazy though….

    Bath Salts, hellova drug!

  12. Really disturbing news

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