ZOMBIE FAMILY by Ozan Küçükusta

ZOMBIE FAMILY by Ozan Küçükusta

Artist Ozan Küçükusta specializes in illustration, animation, and comic book art in his native Turkey. He has his own graphics company and an extensive portfolio that covers everything from fish drinking wine to mobsters in tight pants. But our favorites are his zombies seen above and below.

They all look like they were once part of somebody’s family: a husband, a mom, an uncle. And this got us thinking about the real problem of dealing with close friends and family who are already sick, and will soon come back to fight for the other team.

What would you do if a loved-one was infected and slowing turning?


  1. wait until they take their last breath then shoot them in the head immediately. No need to wait for them to become a threat. . .of course, people can stop breathing several times before they truly stop breathing. . hm. Best to shoot the first time they stop.

  2. Watch and destroy the corpse if there was time enough for that. Otherwise drug them and kill. If there was even less time tell them that I love them and that I will see them along the banks of the great river and end their life as swiftly and painlessly as possible.

  3. heeHee! Tie some entrails to its leg,watch it run in circles and have a laugh.

  4. I believe I could end it for them but if I didn’t then it’s not hard to chain them up back until they turn.. Then tease them like you would a dog with a ball.. “You want the leg boy? Come get it!”

  5. Kill them and feel good about it.

  6. Shoot them in the head!

  7. That’s how it starts. That’s the very first wave.

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