NewsWorks reports that researchers at Temple University’s Water and Environmental Technology Center have created a water purification system that uses sound. Cleaning waste water is usually complicated and expensive, but this new ultrasound method may be an ideal solution.

Head researcher Rominder Suri explains the sound vibration process:

“You’re literally creating conditions similar to the surface of the sun. So whatever contaminants are there, they get zapped, or broken down.”

This technology was originally developed for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but it may have zombie survival applications as well.

Imagine being able to purify a large body of water by introducing a handheld device that creates sonic vibrations–forget about doing it one bottle at a time. This new technique would quickly create additional sources of clean drinking water, allowing you to worry about more pressing issues such as the zombie menace lumbering across your lawn.

Though you shouldn’t expect to see this technology introduced to the consumer market anytime soon, its development is another indication that our chances of surviving the coming zombie plague might be improving slightly. Let’s just hope the dead don’t rise too soon!


  1. I have to agree with the guy above me. There are several factors that are going to keep you from being able to use this in an effective manner. First being price. I highly doubt that any device that would vibrate a large quantity of water to the point of cleaning it would come cheap. Second is the sound part. How loud is this thing going to be? I think one point that is agreed upon in the ZA is that zombies WILL rely on sound as a method of locating prey. If they can use their hearing to full force do to not relying on one sense more than the other, then this device would more than likely bring them to your door step. Also as someone already mentioned it would require power to run, I don’t think a high frequency device is going to be able to run on D batteries. If it was going to require power then you would just be better off using an electric stove to boil any water you wanted to drink.

  2. Downside, it won’t work without power. If you have power then why not buy some UV lamps and kill those microbes with light? Another method would be to use ozone to purify your water. Season 2 on discovery channel’s “The Colony” shows them making one. However without power, which will go out at some point, your best option is still purification by fire.

  3. I know a microbiologist that occasionally uses sonication to pop TB/Smeg cells. Sounds similar. Cool stuff.

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