Our analysis of countries most likely to weather a global zombie pandemic took into account dozens of different factors, including population density, climate, topography, gun-ownership rate, military capability, natural resources, and public infrastructure. It’s important to note that only nations with a population over 5 million were included in this study, and the explanation for each ranking below is just a brief highlight of what was considered. See the full list below.


A favorably small population and many natural defenses help Sweden capture the tenth spot. Its military is well trained, well equipped, and solely focused on national defense.


The eighth largest country in the world by land mass, Argentina is sandwiched by the Andes Mountains and Atlantic Ocean. Its urbanization keeps it from climbing higher on the list.


The Finnish benefit from being surrounded by other countries strong in zombie survivability, and their low population density of just 41 people per square mile doesn’t hurt either.


Norway came in second in Gold Medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics, showing they know how to thrive in icy conditions. A lot of snowy land and a few hearty people is a recipe for survival.


With mountains to protect from their neighbors, and the worst economy in South America, Bolivian’s are used to managing without modern conveniences and can ably fend for themselves.


Borat made the whole world laugh at this little country, but Kazakhstan may get the last laugh. The rugged terrain, formidable climate and an extremely low population density are key survival factors.


Low population density, huge land barriers, and a battle-tested people give Russia the number four spot. If the Nazis couldn’t take Leningrad, there’s no reason to think Nazi zombies will.


With over eighty-three people per square mile, the U.S. is considerably more dense than any other country in the top five, but its heavily armed citizenship is more ready for battle than most.


Though its thirty-five million residents are packed along a thin strip at the country’s southern border, gun ownership is common, and there’s plenty of room to head north when the stuff hits the fan.


This vast nation grabs the top spot because of its population density of just 7.5 people per square mile, and the fact that it has the world’s biggest moat surrounding it on all sides.


Is there a nation you think should be on the list that we missed? If your home country lower than it deserves? Let us know through the Contact page, and include some supporting facts!


New Zealand’s population of just 4.5 million falls short of our minimum criteria in this study, but it gets an honorable mention nod for excelling in several of the same areas as Australia.


  1. Well iam frm india nd Acc to me we hve a 3 out of 100 chance of a survival coz its densly populated in here … 😶😶bt am safe till I shift my home outta my dads research centers residence campus…secured by concrete walls nd fences ..nd provided with a large crops farm,diary farm ,a large fish pond..nd beach behind…. nd n heavy as well as light vechiles nd fuel reserve….

  2. America is one of the most populated countries in the world. Zombies are designed and operated to eat, kill, and multiply. Many of these countries may have a shot but the countries that may definetly survive a Zombie Apocalypse are North Korea and Israel. North Korea is the most isolated country in the world therefore it’s less likely for there to be mass hysteria. Israel has a large barrier that can save almost half of the country. Countries with large barriers are most likely to survive due to the immunity of the barrier and the closure and also the amount of power they can obtain.

    • This isn’t precisely true about Israel.

      Barriers hamper logistical support, so hamper most Australian cities. It’s only our remote rural regions and natural climate which save us.

  3. Forget the island nations I get where y’all are coming at but for some of those nations would be hit by hurricanes or other major disasters no where to go, and if u do survive how would u fix a dead nation covered in water. Let’s be honest no place is safer than any other but outer space.

  4. I think the countries of Switzerland and cuba would be great as they both have great militaries not to mention the both are quite isolated from the rest of the world so both of the armies are in their homelands.
    Cuba being an island meaning zombies will have trouble getting there. Switzerland is protected by mountains which will help. Switzerland will have an advantage being that 1/2 of the people living there own a gun and have basic military training. Cuba is stricter on guns but does have enough to supply its population,speaking of population they both have a small population. Switzerland actually has enough bunkers to fit its entire population.

  5. Also thinking about it what about the country of sealand.

  6. That depends largely on which type of zombie apocalypse you’re talking about. If it’s like The Walking Dead where everyone turns when they die, Australia is utterly screwed. There is no way to isolate yourself from this type of zombie apocalypse, and their lack of guns means that most people will have to get in close to dispatch them. This increases the risk of someone getting bit, which is pretty much a death sentence, so far more people will die simply trying NOT to die. However, as their sparse population would go a long way to protect people, they’d still be on the list. Just not at the top.

    America, despite the sheer number of guns, would be utterly screwed. Densely populated cities would be infested with zombies in a matter of days. Rural areas would be better off for a time, but they would be overrun by millions of zombies migrating from the cities looking for people to eat.

    Island nations like Japan, Taiwan and Great Britain that traditionally cremate the majority of their dead would be infinitely safer.

    • We have plenty of guns in Australia, we just control who can own them. Plus a gun attracts more zombies than you can shoot.

      • Mmmmmmmmmhhh,which means this is real?,for as in africa we just watch as our leisure,at what time do they come and attack people ?

    • If it is like the walking dead where you turn where you die then I can’t work out how Australia would be worse off while Japan, Taiwan and the UK would be better off. If the walking dead is the scenario your basing it off of then one needs to consider that those dead and buried before the zombie outbreak occurred never got infected thus never became zombies thus no cemeteries became massive zombie locations.

      After the zombie outbreak occurred once dead they turned almost instantly hardly leaving any time to take them to the morgue to be cremated. In essence what they do with there dead today won’t mean a thing in such a situation.

      You also seem to ignore one key thing.. If Island nations are the ones that will do so well.. that Australia is an Island!.

      The UK, Australia, Japan and Taiwan would all face the same issues and all be stuck killing them the same way with the one exception being that the UK, Japan and Taiwan are densely populated allowing for any outbreak to travel much faster then as it would in Australia.

      Sorry but Australia is still number 1 🙂

      • Not mentioned in the article, since they looked at countries with more than 5 million people, but should have an honorable mention: Iceland! It has 3,2 people per square km (about 8,3 per square mile), it’s also an island, and it’s not a very hospitable climate there. A little more dense population than Australia, but far more guns per capita (30,3 vs 21,7 per hundred).
        And the Icelandic people descend from the vikings! 🙂

        • Based off what I know of Iceland I believe Iceland is more deserving of the honorable mention than New Zealand. Especially since I live in New Zealand. This ranking clearly doesn’t take into place roading systems if you live in cities for escaping. In Auckland, in particular, if you are in the city when the zombies come you would dead before you can even attempt to escape.

      • hey what-ABOUT SEALAND !!

    • I totally agree. And with how many ignorant people who are armed in america. If the zombies don’t get you some dumb ass will. I’d definitely go island nation. Especially Japan cause of the smaller islands around it, you’d be able to isolate yourself pretty well, find away to catch fish and you have food.

  7. u people crazy no zombies are coming blyat

    • Well actually i’m currently a registered scientist in this field and it is VERY possible for a virus outbreak so technically you are the “crazy” one my friend.

  8. u people crazy zombie never happening blyat

  9. What about Iceland and Japan?

    • Iceland doesn’t meet the population criteria as they have not even 1 million people and Japan’s population density is enormous(336 per sq Km)! So even thought It is an island, if zombies broke out in Japan, it would spread very quickly

  10. Two countries to add to the list:

    Both Austria and Switzerland are mountainous countries in central Europe. Due to being high developed countries crucial infrastructure exists even in the remotest valleys in both countries. The mountains have many rivers anf there is glaciers as sources of clean drinkable water with zero infection or other health risks which is a great plus. Due to the extremely high amount of freely accessible drinkwater farming is very common also on mountainous places high up, which leads to a mayority of all valleys and villages being able to self sustain their population’s food needs during a zombie appocalypse. The valleys are also favourable places since many valleys just have one enteance, which is not too wide, that could easily be fortified so no zombie could ever get through, for example by blowing parts out of the mountains so the rocks and gravel will block the entrance. Most mountains arround those remote valleys, of with thousands exist are hard to climb even for well trained humans, which makes it inacessible for zombies. Additionally most mountains have huge extremely robust metal fence structures at their top to stop avalanches. The materials are stored in each valley to enhance those and build additional ones. These fences could hold off trucks driving against them, which is unlikely on unaccessible mountain tops, but still can be used to fortify any areas where zombies could come through. Due to most valleys being famous skiing tourism areas most of those are filled with hotels and big buildings to seek shelter in and to hold several thousand people for even valleys that just have arround hundret actual inhabitants. Another favourable fact is that in both countries many remote valleys have big damns used to create energy. These are so remote that they could be held intact and used to create electricity at all times even in an event of a zombie appocalypse. Due to there being many farmers in the mountains, and technology being extremely high in bove Austria and Swiss, machinery for farming that can be run by electricity entirely exist there and can be used to sustain farming on a larger scale. Also a big amount of lifestock such as cows which feed from grass growing on the mountainous areas that are not usable for planting crops exist, to maximise possible food production. In events of extreme danger existing tunnels can be used for shelter and are easily defendable.
    There is many more factors speaking for both countries and regions in the alps especially, rather than many other mountainous areas. In case of a zombie appocalyose my place to flee definitely.

    • Plus most men in switzerland are armed and trained since it is obligatory to enroll in the army if you are swiss (have the swiss passport)

  11. Problem is is that most people assume the countries with the most guns are the best, but are they trained? NZ would be the best because we have a low population, easy terrain to survive in and plenty of fresh glaciers and streams to get water from. The furtherest place from the coast is 130km away and we are an Island.

    When the zombie outbreak begins, the first places to be over run are going to be the airports and seaports as well as hospitals. Since NZ is an island it will take ages to get there in a boat.

    New Zealand has a low population density which makes it better for survivors to find somewhere remote.
    But to be honest the key factor is sustainability. Sure Antartica may seem good, but all the supplies need to be shipped over. NZ’s exports are literally Meat and Dairy, so we wouldn’t need to ship stuff over.

    Mind you, there may be over countries that are better

    • I disagree, you only gain those perks if you were able to survive the initial phase of zombies. Assuming you were somewhere like Auckland, you likely would not survive to have the benefits

  12. Scott Base in Antarctica would be the best. There’s food storage enough for along time, there is medical and scientific research labs there, there’s a few military base’s near there. Its low population so the outbreak wouldn’t be a problem with containing it. there is a couple of nuclear subs on the Russian side and i think the American one as well. Plus if you do have an outbreak there, you just get into your boat or sub and go to the subantartic islands. some of them are pest free and don’t allow humans on except for scientific reaserch so you know there isnt an outbreak there. You’ll be sweet

  13. Do you know where would it be better? In Guatemala…. You can run out of bullets, but a machete… You can always use it… And we have plenty of guns and bullets too! Besides that we are used to live in the field and grow are own veggetables, fruits, beans, corn for tortillas!! Also the houses here are built out of cement, iron and block… No zombie could come in! There are many mountains and we know how to defend ourselves!

    • But remember zombies have blood(infected blood) which means you would be infected by the blood going in contact wih your nose or mouth

  14. Serbia & Montenegro Because of Anuk and her birds

  15. F.Y.R.O Macedonia because of Yugoslav!

  16. North Korea because of there military and Kim Jon Un!

  17. America would be number 1 if trump actually builds that wall

  18. Tristan da Cunha Island with only a population on 267 peoples !

  19. your mum because she’s so tight nothing getting in ther

  20. China,south and noth korea should be up there 1 of all china’s military is huge and north and south korea the military there is relly tight second lota food in all those places. last there is a hell lot of builings in all 3 countries

    • But There is also really many people living there per square mile so you would almost always be surrounded by zombies and a chance of getting bit is also then very high.

  21. North Korea. Virtually inaccesible by land sea or air without government approval. A million soldiers and the world’s largest patrol fleet guard it’s borders and shores.

  22. Damith Kariyawasam

    Sri Lanka is the best place to avoid from zombie attacks as it’s a small Island isolated from rest of the Asia.

  23. South Korea takes the cake because of powerful defenses, the death zone, and good old-fashioned geographic isolation.

  24. North Korea. Iceland

  25. Indonesia.there are many reason why indonesia should be on this list. 1st indonesia is not advance nation so the zombie outbreak that believed to occur because of overadvanced in biotechnology means that zombie outbreak won’t occur in indonesia. 2nd, indonesia is an island nation that consist of 5 giant island and 17 thousand small island. If zombie outbreak spread to indonesia, it would only happened in urban island and the rest would be safe. 3rd, indonesia only have 3 neighbor countries with land border = low chance of spreading from neighbor. 4th, indonesian military might not be large, but there are military outpost in every district that i think is enaugh to handle an unarmed crippled undead. 5th, you might think high number of gun ownership is advantage, but i saw it as disadvantage. Why because in time of chaos, people tent to think about themself, especially those who have strengh (people with weapon), they would do anything to ensure their life and safety, even by killing people. People with gun would surely turn into bandit and that decrease your chance of survive very much because bandit is lot more dangerous that zombie. (Sorru for bad grammar, i’m not very good with english)

    • I agree. Citizens may be armed to their teeth, but as we all know, the key to kill a zombie is a headshot, and not even half of those armed (and probably not educated in the use of a gun) people could ACTUALLY score a headshot, specially if they’re in panic. As Brook said (basically) , a handfull of rational and educated people could kill more zombies than a large group of people armed with the last technology. (See battle of Yonkers –> World War Z)

    • People with guns aren’t just going to turn into criminals. You listen to too much anti gun propaganda.

  26. What about Palestine ?

  27. How about Greenland, there is a low population per square kilometer, it’s an island, the weather wouldn’t help the zombies and, correct me if I’m wrong here has many mountains

  28. What about Palestine, people there very good in survive despite difficult situations

  29. IRAN!! iran will survive this thing.because of its mountains in the west and east and sea in north and south.iran has natural defences and there are jungles, coast line , desert, mountains and every thing in 1 country.and by the way dont forget about the army . Only problem is the capital, TEHRAN. Its very populated and there are no jungles and… in there.
    Iran may not be the best country but its very good country in apocalypse

  30. Canada/Scandinavia/Russia : winter covers the entirety of these countries from roughly December to April and would freeze every zombie solid to a low of -30 Celsius. A chance to eliminate the threat and prepare for spring/summer/fall

  31. This site was very helpful, I’m doing a Social Studies project using thematic maps and I just needed a little bit of insight on the topic. Thank you for the insight.

  32. Cyprus is definitely the best bet. Natural food and resources, fresh water in the mountains and a small population so you’d kill them all off in no time!

  33. I live in Hong Kong. As you know, it is so densely populated. It should be ranked as one of the most dangerous.

  34. I think North Korea would survive, because they don’t make contact to the rest of the world and their walls and armed foreces

  35. I think Greece would be in quite a good stead because of its numerous islands and its mountainous terrain as well as the fact thatevery village had at least 2 hunters give or take

  36. Switzerland, Iceland, Tibet and Madagascar should be on this list. Australia is defiantly the best country in the world to survive a zombie apocalypse though.

  37. What about Philippines? It consist of 7,107 islands the sea will stop the outbreak because of it’s archipelago style

    • The Philippines as a whole? No it wont survive.

      Sections of the Philippines? Yes they would survive

      Long term? Well depends on population size vs agricultural capacity. While some regions currently may produce enough food on there individual islands to feed there current pop size you should expect a huge influx of refugees especially from the larger islands, Stretching food resources to the point of starvation.. Some would make it, But most would die out due to a lack of resources.

  38. It’s kind of stupid how they didn’t include smaller countries like ireland its an island with small population but has castles and in an apocalypse guns would be scarce but you would still be able to acquire them either from military or through the ira (illegally imported stockpiles of guns even explosives)

  39. You forget Britain has many overseas territories most of which have low populations and pre existing forts left over from the time of the empire.

  40. Uuuh, since when is Kazakhstan considered a “little” country? It looks to be almost as big as Europe and definitely bigger than India. That’s a pretty big country in my eyes. Just saying.

    • I’m live in Kazakhstan. U r right, its 9th biggest territory). Population is only 17 mln. We have mostly flat plains and steppe. Population density is low)

  41. S-P-A-I-N !! Best country in the world for everything!

    • Glenn The Psychotic Penguin

      Spain would probably get ravaged, high population, not cold, not an island, high tourism and immigration which would make it very easy for the virus to get into the country, most of the citizens don’t have guns, the only thing it has going for it is a relatively good military, but that’s about it, so Spain may be good at everything else, just not zombie apocalypses.

    • But, you’re forget that cyprus currently in split by two ethnic with each goverment that are hostile each other. Without world stability, 100 chance cyprus would end up as battlezone.

  42. Wouldn’t South Korea be good at surviving in zombie apocalypse? All men are required to enter military services for 21 months at least. Besides having a high population density, it is ok place to survive. You can go to mountains since about 70% of South Korea is mountains. Seoul and Pusan will be screwed if zombie outbreak starts, but rural areas and areas with military garrison will be just fine. Also South Korea shares border with only one country, North Korea. And that border is sealed and guarded 24/7. Zombies from North Korea will die instantly in DMZ because of MLRS, tanks, SPGs, AFVs, land mines, electric fences, and dozens of infanty and armoured divisions. So I’d say South Korea is somewhere in 20th or 15th.

  43. I’m so glad I live in Australia!

    • I know mate! Us Aussies are all cool when the dead try to eat us!

    • Far too urbanised! for all that outback there is just too many in Kings Cross wearing drag rather than out on a grain and mutton station with a rifle.
      I’m in NZ, I’d expect anything north of the Bombays and south of Murawai to cease to exist. Much of the rest would be fine tho.

  44. Actually thailand is the safest because everyone there is cremated. In other words, no zombies.

  45. Hello sir I have a question which scared me to death. Basically if a zombie outbreak happens people will start to turn but there is a big problem and its called MUTATIONS. According to games and books zombies will mutate and will become more dangerous. From slow easy kill zombies to big and strong tanks that can kill you much faster than you it.

    Is this possible or no. Because if it is well we are basically screwd. Any advice on that if possible?

  46. what about the taiwan? that is my country and where i was born also come from

    • Taiwan – High population density, Very low capability in being self sustaining in resources and food. Taiwan sorry to say is no good.

  47. Switzerland. Nearly every male citizen is required to serve in the military so each individual would be very well trained. Plus it’s a country that’s got its shit together.

  48. And hey by the way Canada would not do well at all not common gun ownership no guns

    • We would do just fine, actually. Canada is home to the largest amount of remote islands, and gun ownership IS really common. 5 days ago, guns were being fired near my house. Boy, I was scared

  49. Guys North korea would be the best just think about it no one can go in or out also Israel bordered places lots of guns border guards etc

  50. South Africa would do well. There is so much crime in south africa that all residents are alert and have super security systems, electric fencing, burglar bars, guns and everyone is used to crime and staying alert and ready to fight or flight. Zombies wouldn’t stand a chance

  51. Hello sir I have a question in a couple of days I saw bizarre stuff about how can the virus becomes real. In games for example one of my favorite series of games ‘Resident Evil’ there is a terorist organization that made the virus and uses it to take over but I don’t get one thing. In real life you would need BILIONS OF DOLARS AND ANY OTHERE MONEY IN THE WORLD TO MAKE the virus like I can’t see a small terorist organization make a virus strong enauth to whipe out humanity in a single missile even if they had political and government axes they would need more money than they could ask for.

    So could you pleas answer this question.

  52. Hello sir I hear a strange rumour and I thaught you could answer my question.
    Basically in every zombie movie I watched had Flame throwers enihilate the zombies and well I would like to know if its true.

    But this means not just humans operating flame throwers but tanks or armoured cars using them like in World War 2. The Amircan and Nazi troops put Flame throwers on the tanks instead of the anti tank gun and it proved to be a really good idea against enemies. And since tanks could only be destroyed by a very powerfull explosive the could be used as moving bunkers they would then be more usefull than when they had their anti tank weapons in my opinion these tanks here would be perfict for this job, T90, Abrams, Type 99, T34.

    PS: The T34 is used by the egiptian army.

    • Flame from what I gather could weaken a zombie however I don’t see it killing one outright. Zombie’s according to popular theory need to have the brain destroyed while flames will only for the most part burn the outside skin, Could burn them to death but they would have to be kept on fire for a long period of time.

      As to vehicles suited to it, T90, Abrams, Type 99 and T-34.. T-34 did have a flame thrower variant (OT-34 + OT-34/85) however that was a flame launched from the hull (replaced hull machine gun). To my knowledge the M4 Sherman was the only tank that utilized the turret for shooting out the flame. In any case a main battle tank would be a poor choice of vehicle, They have one of the highest if not the highest fuel consumption rates, Better bet for an existing vehicle would be the M132 (flame version of M113) or get a good solid truck and rig something up, But a main battle tank unless you are planning on taking on hordes in the hundreds of thousands – millions is more then you need (Only needed for hordes that size as they have more power to them, Will be able to force their way through easier).

      Btw: Egypt doesnt use the T-34 any more, Several nations still do but Egypt has retired all theirs and to my knowledge only has the Abrams, M60 Patton, T80, Ramses II, T62, T55.

  53. Hello I am one of you fans and I have a question.
    If Russia has a zombie outbreak can the military tanks (T90) do anything to the undead or are they completely useless and yes I know how to shoot a gun it’s just that I know how to operate a tank and I will be in a bit of a pickle if they don’t work.

    PS: Please answer this question cause if the tank can do something to the undead well let’s just say Russia will have a huge advantage. I am fro Russia

    • Gday mate, Tanks in general would be of little to no use what so ever so in Russia’s aspect of having tens of thousands of tanks wont make it a live or die factor.

      If you prefer to go for an armored vehicle then I’d suggest a BTR-90, Armed with a 30mm cannon (500 rounds), 7.62mm machine gun (2,000 rounds) and a 30mm automatic grenade launcher (400 rounds). Has an 800km range and is amphibious. Add in the extra room and it is more diverse in what you can do with it, Tank you can leave pretty much just from the top, BTR-90 you can leave from the top or rear ramp. Also has more internal room allowing to transport more people at once in safety or to retrieve more supplies.

      Other vehicles that could be of use would be the BRDM-1, BRDM-2, BTR-60, BTR-70, BTR-80 and the BTR-94 (Nations of former USSR and those who purchased weapons off of them).

      That said I’d only use said vehicle in situations when there was no other choice as they would be a big gas guzzlers compared to other vehicles and larger vehicles tend to require a lot more maintenance to keep them operational so have a smaller vehicle for standard running around/recon and use the BTR-90 for any attack/escape.

      • Thanks man I hope the stuff that you just sayd is true now if you excuse me I have to put a better engine on my tank and more Anti personal shells one it and I hope that our military AKs will do some heavy damage and by that I mean that their ammo can make a huge hole in a truck sooo I hope they do the same to tha zombies.

        • By the way I would like to ask you this.
          How and where can they destroy it.

          • Hey, BB, if you’ve watched the first season of The Walking Dead, you’ll know that zombies (or in any other case, humans) can’t ‘destroy’ a tank on their own. They can block the hatch on the top and trap any humans inside, though, which is exactly what they did on the show. To actually destroy a tank, you’d need a powerful explosive.

  54. While I agree with the fact that Canada is pretty safe. Not all the reasons you listed are correct. Sure Canada is about the 3rd or 4th coldest country in the world(Depending on who you ask) but not a lot of citizens are armed. You may say that because quite a few of us hunt. But most people use bows or crossbows. And Canada has one of the highest amounts of nuclear reactors. So if a lot of us survive there are people who can keep those going, if not then we’d make do with charcoal or firewood to warm our houses. Canada still has a large logging industry, so there might be a few people who have a sturdy helpful axe. Then there are the ice fishers. Ice picks anyone? And someone before me said the cold would kill our crops, we grow the crops in the summer. That would be our most vulnerable time because summer is pretty warm in Canada. And he also mentioned not a lot of fresh water. Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake by surface area and the 3rd by volume. And we have so much fresh water the Americans want to trade fresh water. We have approx. 7% of the worlds renewable fresh water supply.

    • are you dumb too? We are very well armed, and not with spears and bows! we have more citizens armed per capita with rifles than even the usa! maybe not assault rifles, but rifles still kill!

  55. how about the philippines

    • Too big of a population. None of the larger Islands would hold out however perhaps a few of the smaller less populated islands could, Would also depend on the size of the surviving islands and the population, If the land cant sustain the population then you will just starve to death slowly.

      • unknown-terrorist

        In islands after making all humans to zombies they will go to sea and eat all fishes (sharks,whales,dolphins) and wil reappear in less populated areas…

  56. Alaska is where it’s at! Low population density, terrain you can survive on, and every mofo in the state is packing!

  57. Mongolia has the lowest population density so i think it should be on the list.

  58. I’m in the UK, so I’d just like to wish you all good luck as I am obvioulsy already dead.
    No guns
    Heavily populated
    And I can’t fly a plane like in the movies, everyone can fly a plane.

    Ahh crap!

    • Only if they are fast running zombies, If they slow moving just go for a casual walk down to the Pub, Have a couple pints, Then walk off again as they start to catch up again =)

      Could never work out how in so many zombie movies the US loses against zombies that move slower then walking distance…

    • I would get a boat and go to NORWAY or FINLAND from the uk

      • Well you have a problem. If an outbreak happens they will have orders to shoot anybody who try’s to escape. Believe me I am a soldier in Russia and believe me the UN will do that.

        • Lol, the norwegian military wouldn’t shoot anyone. Norway would most likely take in as many refugees as possible. If it gets really bad, you’d need to travel to the two/three northernmost provinces of Norway, because they have low population, and rich natural resources like fish and other animals, but very cold winters though.

  59. When you said that in Canada the cold might freeze the zombies, have you thought about the fact that since most people have turned into zombies even if they freeze and die there won’t be anyone to create electricity for your house so you could freeze to death as well also no one will be importing food any where so the only chance you have is to get food from grocery stores(If they haven’t been raided already) or plant your own crops but the weather will most likely kill your crops so you might die of hunger,Clean water is also necessary but since almost everyone is a zombie there would be no one to clean and desalinate your water.

    Even though America has a lot of guns everyone will most likely be turned into a zombie so then you have the entire United States of America to kill and I doubt you will survive with such a gigantic hoard of zombies coming at you all at once.

    Kazakhstan is a very hot place in the summer so you would have to try not to exert yourself but when there are zombies coming at you you most likely will so your could faint and get killed also you need water because you need to stay hydrated so if you do stay in Kazakhstan you would have to stay near a river, stream or any source of water and you would still have to clean and desalinate the water as well.

    • Too good a point, While Canada is good for low population density it is still connected to the USA and in turn Mexico and so on, Only a few in the rural area’s would now how to and be able to adapt to living off the land with out modern equipment (Sooner or later what you have in modern equipment will run out of juice or bugger up from wear and tear). While they could live off the land indefinitely a half billion zombies from Central America and the USA would over whelm them.

      That said if they acted early enough a few places less to the North capable of being isolated would be Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton Island, Newfoundland, Manitoulin Island and possibly Nova Scotia if they block the small land corridor early on.

    • Noor Quadori

      im sorry that statement is one of the dumbest iv heard.

      why would most of america turn into zombies ? USA isn’t suddenly going to start shooting every living person in site why would they do that ?? You reckon that the WHOLE country of the US is going to turn into zombies … just no. There are smart people in every country in the world. The smart people will live , the dumb people will die .

      Secondly electricity isn’t created by the way its harnessed … you mean there will be no-one to supervise the process.

      Lastly the point with zombies in Canada is that the decomposing zombie isn’t going to fair well in the cold weather , limbs will move extremely slow if at all because the joints will start to swell , freeze and seize up. its possible that there would be zombies “living” but on the ground unable to move or at least very slowly making them very easy to destroy.

  60. So here’s the problem, yes I’m one of those people. One major factor that people never take into consideration is infrastructure. What countries have a ton of chemical plants and nuclear power plants that when a Zombie Apocalypse hits they would no longer be cared for thus you have chemicals and radiation killing off the population, sure you might survive the first three months, but when all the fuel is gone and the power stops those places are going to blow. This is the major factor that people always forget to talk about, yes America has a lot of guns and people willing to shot them, but wheres our food supply coming from? Where do we go when all the Nuclear reactors in the country start to melt down? Seriously why is that never a thought when people make these list, you wanna put realism into it then please consider things like this when thinking of the best place to be in order to survive.

    • Too true.

      On the ground’s of nuclear reactors I’m pretty sure most if not all designs now have fail safes built in to shut them down to prevent any form of explosion but not certain, Will see what I can find.

      That said it’s a valid point, People seem to assume winter weather, Hilly terrain and some bunkers equals the ultimate zombie defense plus a whole lot of guns.

      the best fortifications wont mean crap if you run out of food. And for those who think a small garden will sustain them, You need fish, meat, dairy, vegetables and fruit to be healthy and capable to your best performance. For all of that it’s estimated to feed a single person you need minimum of 2+ acres (or 1 hectare). The poorer quality the land the more of it you will need.

    • Yes, I agree that we regularly forgets the maintenance of infra structure without living people who will be able to perform these tasks on a daily basis ,countries with a lot a nuclear power plant have must counted for a radioactivity that would be deadly , but The question is whether people will die of this radioactivity become the new dead people or not and not join the other zombies .
      And dams, hydroelectric power plants, Weir,protection from river and coastal flooding , bridges, and other infrastructure buildings and large civil buildings whit the potentially dangerous effects without the working maintenance people.
      And about the regular production of food in these conditions is difficult to predict in efficient manner.
      Just look the TV Documentary ;Life After People; and you will realize how much we depend on daily maintenance all around us .
      So my predictions are not good for half of the countries on the list , but also is not good for all of humanity in terms of such a rapid epidemic.
      Certainly one of the worst possible theories about the end of the world is zombies apokaliptic run.

    • CANADA!!!! even the usa cant survive without Canada, they get 85% of their resources from Canada!!

  61. What about Cyprus? An island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Population of only 800K. High gun ownership rate and at 18 years old every male has to go to the army.

    • Cyprus would be a good bet except even though the population is only 800k that is 800k for a small area. Could be made to work but would require compacting people into tight living quarters to open up extra agricultural land.

      A better bet that could work in unison with Cyprus would be Corsica though Sardinia would also be an option. Their biggest assets being not being connected to the mainland as such once any outbreak contained their you dont have to worry about zombies walking in..

  62. Florida! you know why!? because we have the stand your ground law! If we shoot people on dumb principles then what makes you think we wont shoot dead zombies! But on a serious note Australia does sound like a good place to go but not only would you have to worry about the Z’s but you also have to worry about all the little critters and animals that can kill you down there to begin with lol.

    • It’s really not as bad down here as everyone thinks. We don’t have small animals running around everywhere, in fact most of the suburban areas are very tightly packed (like sardines) and the only thing is if you lived out on a farm you’d have to look out for snakes. The spiders are seriously not as big as people say, there are quite a few but they’re all squishing-with-thongs sized. (I’m pretty sure you call then flip-flops, haha what a weird name.)

  63. What about Serbia? We have low population, half of rural people, a lot mountains and water, food from the village and small cities. Almost everyone has a gun. Zombies have no chance.

    • Low population and gun ownership would help out initially, The choices made early would define your chances. While most assume going to the very top of the mountains is the best option in many cases it is not. It is good to try and avoid the zombies but for staying warm, growing food etc it is a bad move.

      If you know your local geography well enough and realize what is occurring early on then you may be able to set up a defense, Using cliff faces even small ones would lower the amount of construction you would have to do but if not done early then in the long run it would still become an untenable position being attacked to Europe you could have wave upon wave bearing down on you.

      For Serbia the decisions made on the first day would count, Any later and it’s a write off.

  64. I would say afghanstain would have to be in the top ten. I mean their fighters can avoid the US troops, and with the rocky ground and high mountain and low population, will make it easy to avoid the zombies.

    • All depends on the zombies, Fast or slow would make the difference. If fast then the mountainous terrain would have little impact. It would delay the zombies but it wouldn’t delay them enough for the Afghans to build needed defense’s (ie: Covering both village, water source, agricultural land etc) but if slow then an organized group could use the terrain to slow them down while said defense (ie: Big ass wall) is built.

      As for low population, 30 million in a small area, Yes not as densely packed as many nations but not a small population either, Especially when you take into account nearby Iran and Pakistan.

  65. SCOTLAND…..a lot of water to drown the zombies, and were all nuts!

  66. Australia – forget it.

    Most guns are owned by the military and police. We have very few guns here. We have tonnes of empty land which most people wouldn’t last five minutes in – sunstroke, dehydration, starvation, no building materials, even animals don’t live out there, read our history books – plenty of people have died. We’ve only one inland water source to speak of which would be sucked dry in seconds if it isn’t already bone dry from the drought. There’s almost constant drought so apart from no water there would also be no food.

    The cities are flooded with people and the airports are mostly very close to the cities, so if even if only one Zed got in the cities would fall in minutes. A few years ago I saw an international survey that found Sydney has worse density than NY.

    And we wouldn’t be taking refugees. The Prime Minister already has the navy searching the water to remove the foreign threat.

    The antarctic is safer. Make some pemmican, biscuits, and chocolate bars (about 2200cal per day), and grab a few bottles of vitamin C. Ice can be melted into drinkable water. If the food gets scarce I’ll resort to fishing. Pack the right clothes and you’ll make it to one of the stations.

    • While correct on the firearms you are off on other aspects.

      1. We have the largest underground fresh water source by area in the world that covers 1.7 million square km’s. Added to that we have a number of large lakes that while low still cover large surface area’s that could support tens of thousands for a good amount of time. In short water resources are hardly a big factor.

      2. Sunstroke and dehydration. While amongst the old and young that would be a problem the fit adults would be able to cope if the acted right, As in doing most travel during the night and who had to work in the day dressed properly and drank the right amount of water.

      3. Starvation, Hardly an issue when Australia produces an excess of food, Much of which comes out from the bush. While the yield per an acre is lower then that of Europe or the US we have large swaths of flat ground an as such are able to produce more then enough (We produce enough food for about 90m based on Western food diets)

      4. No building materials, Hardly accurate when most building materials come from the outer regions away from the built up city areas.

      5. Almost constant drought, For much of the year yes however up the top end there is the Wet season, While most of the water runs off into the Pacific if needed said water could be captured and made use of, Should also be noted Australia tends to have had a history of decade long droughts followed by a decade of good rain, We survived then why should now be any different?1

      6. Cities, Airports and Density. Yes the Airports are located close to the cities however the density is no where near that of NYC or many other European/Asian cities… That said Australia also has the element of distance so unless said Z apocalypse occurs in Australia we would have ample time to prepare and act accordingly. If any spot of Australia is at most risk of a Z outbreak its the top end and it is sparsely populated, The small few population centers easily defended or evacuated if need be.

      7. Refugees. While that may or may not be the case if it is then it merely makes Australia safer as we would be shooting down any possible infection before they could make land. No risk to the airports or cities or the ports.

      8. Antarctica, A land mass totally reliant on outside supplies to survive in is your best solution? Firstly you would need heating fuel, But there would be none there for you to last much longer then 12 months at best. Then you would need water, Ice can be melted but you risk infections as said ice could contain dangerous bacteria, Food supply, With no soil to grow food on you would be totally reliant on what you bring which you would be unlikely to bring enough to feed your self for a year, Yet alone all the others that come with you. Fishing could substitute the food but it’s hardly a complete solution and to do said fishing you would need a boat, Wooden boats are too risky (more then a few have broken up in the past) and a modern one would need fuel that you could not spare..

      So far sir common sense points to Anarctica being the worst possible choice and Australia being the best.

  67. firesuperioritycomplex

    Yeah, Switzerland is a pretty big one not to exclude.

    For one, every adult is required to join the military and almost everyone owns a gun.Switzerland has a large firearms manufacturing industry, weapons that are used all around the world because of their known reliability. Also Switzerland is surrounded by freaking mountains. It’s really cold there which means Zombies will have a hard time moving around and it has a pretty low population.

    And finally, because of it’s long history of neutrality, while the rest of the civilized world maybe trying to figure out “who the hell unleashed this bioweapon on us” which may or may not result in such thoughts like “Ah hell, It’s probably that country we always have been feuding with, lets just nuke them.” Switzerland’s survival rate seems pretty high to me.

    • Eg America

    • Switzerland has a lot going for it to an extent, but also a lot going against it.

      It meets the population requirements, and has a healthy weapon ownership and manufacturing capacity with proper training.

      On the flip side, it is surrounded by what could potentially be hundreds of millions of zombies, Grows only 60% of their food requirements, With most of the food production taking place in the low lying land that doesn’t have the protection of the mountains.

      A fraction of the population may survive long term but not the majority of the 8 million+ pop.

  68. Im going to Hawaii. I know its not a country but its got jungles and tons of wildlife, farms, plenty of fish. Good weather. It’s got snow on the mountains and streams. Plus you can get there by boat. Also if everyone there is a zombie that’s a lot less then trying to take on whole countries. And there is multiple islands.

  69. I live in Baltimore, MD I think I would try to go to one of the islands on the eastern shore. It’s about an hour drive.

  70. Well I already know I’ll be dipping out when shit hits the fan,,, but these places you guys are talking about… when the time comes when shit goes down hill, how would we even be able to get to these places????….. give me some pointers in how too… I’m currently in NC, but from Washington, DC….

  71. I’m heading up north to Nuuk, Greenland or Reykjavik, Iceland if everything goes south (ba-dum-tsst).

    Geographically: Islands, isolated from all landmasses, low population density, and tough weather conditions- both at sea & inland. Given the extreme depths and current charts of the North Sea neither location would be accessible to zombies. On the flip side, the location is not easily accessible to living refugees so the whole “no-room-in-the-inn” mentality shouldn’t be as much of a factor as in other potential refugee destinations.

    Other Factors: A high proportion of Greenlanders are avid hunters (marksmanship skills off the charts) and are armed. In the event of an outbreak, it would be safe to assume what fraction of their tiny population that got infected could be elimated. Iceland generates virtually all of its electricity from geo-thermal powerplants that are entirely self-sustaining into the distant future. Nationally, Iceland has one of the lowest dependencies on fossil fuels of any country in the world. Both states also have high rates of fluency in English and Westernized systems of healthcare/transport/etc.

    So, in short, much more attractive than Iceland.

    My sole concern would be the procurement of food- particularly non-meats/fish. Although, I think that is doable given the prevalence of greenhouses. Also, NatGeo did an article on Greenlandic agriculture that looks pretty promising for a source of non-meat food.

    • * much more attractive than Russia.

    • Technically Iceland doesn’t meet the Criteria s the population us only 325,000 (5 million + to make the list needed) that said between Iceland and even Greenland they are not a totally bad choice, While I don’t see either being sustainable long term be it one or both, If they were to link trade up with other islands through out the Atlantic, Caribbean and Mediterranean they may be able to assist each other in sustaining long term survivability.

  72. Can you show us your rating system?

  73. I think you may have missed some smaller countries that actually have quite a high chance of being safe in,

    Such as Andorra. Low population, high number of gun/weapon/ supply shops, mountainous terrain. (it lies in the middle of the mountain range seperating rural southern france and rural northern spain.

    Zombie density should be fairly low, generally with pockets of higher numbers, with the mountins prohibiting higher numbers entering andorra its less likely you will be overrun.

    I’m from the UK btw

    • Andorra yes a low population and yes it is in mountainous terrain however you need to also take into account of other factors, Are they food independent? Judging by population size and the area of Andorra I’d say they are not so they can just s easily starve even if they manage to hold off the zombie hordes. In fact according to Wiki only about 2% of the land is suitable to crops.

      Add to that the hordes coming from Spain and France, As quick is they may be able to put together a citizens army they would be unlikely to be equipped enough to hold out against hundreds of thousands, if not millions of zombies.

      Btw, The criteria for this had populations of 5 million or more, Andorra only has 85,000.

  74. Finland is pretty famous for their winter warfare since WWII when they were invaded by Russia. I don’t know why Norway get a better placement just because they did well in the winter olympics. I don’t think most people in Norway are olympic skiers 😉

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