Zombie Research Society is the only organization to present a fact-based list of potential zombie outbreaks throughout history. Other accounts found in books and on the web are fictionalized for entertainment purposes, and should not be used for analyzing the coming zombie threat.

If you have information about possible zombie outbreaks not yet featured on the map below, please contact us with all relevant details.


1. Ecuadorian Amazon – Date Unknown

2. Mayan Civilization – 10th Century

3. Chaco Canyon, New Mexico – 13th Century

4. Cahokia Indians, Illinois – 8th Century

5. Roanoke Colony, North Carolina – 1590

6. Cargo Ship, The Mary Celeste – 1872

7. York, England – 1st Century

8. Ancient Rome – 3rd Century



  1. How do I become a member? I’m already a member of U.S.Z.O.R.T., but would like to have a membership with Z.R.S., just can’t find a way to join.

  2. cool ciller is wrong it is a virus that causes the zombie condition although, there are parasites in nature that alter their hosts behavior and thus cause a zombie like state but the cause of human zombies is a virus I noticed from some historical documents that they are slow, mindless and flesh eating. witchdoctors are not responsible for them. cool ciller was being superstitious it I a virus that causes the zombic condition

  3. you guys do know that a virus needs something living to thrive off of right? it cannot simply be a virus but more a parasitic worm and/or fungus that has viral properties. with what I know it probably originated somewhere in the Caribbean, and was an experiment by witchdoctors gone wrong. although I am right as a general rule do not accept what you hear from one website alone. do research of your own. id rather know for sure myself then take some strangers word on a maybe…

  4. The Zombie Virus has probably been around as long as mankind has walked the earth. Accounts of zombie like outbreaks are out there I have read some of them from historical documents. that is probably where our idea of zombies comes from plus, a lot of history isn’t acknowledged or discovered. some of the accounts I have read were only discovered recently. I think some people don’t want to acknowledge that this awful virus exists and act like ostriches burying their heads in the sand. but with great researchers like Matt mogk and Dr. Khalid ahmed we can help make better survival strategies and research into zombies and the disease that causes them. I think we should learn from history not repeat it.

  5. The drug angle is wrong. I read a new news article stating that there were no drugs in the man’s body so it could have been a zombie attack it is hard to say.

  6. the philippines

  7. Benjamin Frank Kilian

    Wouldn’t heavily populated areas be the most likely areas for a Zombie Outbreak? It is the most logical place to think of first. Large amounts of people mean large amounts of “food” for the zombies, leading to more and more. Areas like New York, LA, London, Beijing, Moscow, Rome, etc, are all well above millions of people living there. And that is just the people who are registered. If you really want to stay on the mainland and survive a Zombie Outbreak it would be the smartest thing to stay away from cities, to make a base camp in the mountains, or countryside. Food for thought 😉

  8. A bizarre assault off Miami’s MacArthur Causeway reportedly has left one man shot dead by Miami police, whilst another remains hospitalized.

    According to the a City of Miami police spokesperson, the incident began at the Biscayne Boulevard exit ramp, Saturday afternoon about 2 p.m. An officer responded to reports of 2 men fighting in the bike path. There, according to the Herald, the officer observed a naked man eating another man’s face:

    Miami police are saying little about the man they shot and killed Saturday afternoon, but stress they had no choice: the naked man they shot was trying to chew the face off another naked man, and refused to obey police orders to stop his grisly assault, which one source now claims included his victim’s nose and eyeballs.
    This was all over the national news when it happened in the last week of May, 2012. This was not a fictional account. You could google “Miami zombie face eater” and get at least 11 hits on the first page about this actual incident.

    • Benjamin Frank Kilian

      They proved that person was on LSD

    • But I don’t get the naked part. Why was he naked? Did the “Zombie” who bit him rip his clothes or something?
      That’s the only incoherent part of the story, which doesn’t justify neither the zombification or the drug arguments

  9. There are a few incidents missing. Great example would be the recent naked, face eating man that had to be shot in the head after 3 shots to the body in order to stop eating a homeless man’s face off down in Miami.

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