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May is Zombie Awareness Month!

What are you doing for #ZAM14?

Supporters wear a gray ribbon to signify the undead shadows that lurk behind our modern light of day. Please consider taking this small step to acknowledge the coming danger, and help spread the word of survival.

Tell us what you’re doing to Zombie Awareness Month via email, facebook or twitter with #ZAM14, and you’ll automatically be entered into our zombie survival giveaway worth over $1,000. And if you include a picture of yourself wearing any of the Zombie Awareness gear featured below, you’ll be entered twice! Look for full details in an upcoming blog post.

Good luck, and stay safe.

Zombie-Awareness-Bracelet-2We can’t seem to keep this Zombie Awareness Bracelet in stock, so get yours now! Be the envy of your friends and spread the message. One size fits MOST. Discounts for multiples.


Awareness-RibbonHelp spread the word and save lives with these official zombie awareness ribbons in classic gray with “Zombie Awareness” printed on the front, and a clasp pin on the back. Big discount if you buy in bulk!


Zombie-Awareness-ButtonZombie Awareness Month is May, but it’s important to share the message of zombie preparedness all year long. Keep one of these killer 1.5″ buttons for yourself, and share the rest with those you love.



  1. Love my band bit sad cause i orderd 2&only 1came

  2. Havent recieved my band or ribbon yet that 7weeks ago

  3. Well I am gonna continue my anti zombie combat training just in case and I am gonna keep a shutgun under my pilow.

  4. When is ZAM?? Like what mouth??

  5. Contining to hone in my tactical archery training that utilize stealth and concealment to only zombies that are a threat rather than engaging an entire horde………

  6. wayne AllcornBannatyne

    I am going to endorse an anti-zombie law that requires all dead persons be cremated or if they are not then they must have their shoelaces tied together. They may also be wrapped in duct tape as were mummies in Egyptian days. This will help make zombies less of a threat.

  7. This whole month I have been sharing my knowledge On zombies, and survival amongst my loved ones and friends as well as working on a pocket zombie apocalypse survival guide, that I hope to share with my fellow ZRS members soon.

    • That pocket Guide would be great… however i understand that it is a “Pocket Guide” BUT we don’t really have anything to learn from… we don’t know if they will be fast, slow, spit bile, shot spikes all these factors need to be put in place, do you understand what i mean?

  8. Where can I get/buy a gray zombie ribbon?

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