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Men’s Membership Shirt & ID

Member-Shirt-Back-5.9Your Men’s Lifetime Membership comes with a members’ only shirt and a unique ID Card. The back of the shirt can be seen above, and the front of the shirt and ID Card are featured in the image to the right. Full member benefits can be found on the Join Us tab on the top menu.


Women’s Membership Shirt & ID

Member-Shirt-Front-5.9Your Women’s Membership comes with a members’ only shirt and a unique ID Card. The front of the shirt and ID Card can be seen above, and the back of the shirt is featured in the Men’s Membership image to the left. Full member benefits can be found on the Join Us page.


Zombie Survival Notebook

Survival-NotebookYour zombie survival plan is only as good as the paper it’s written on. Make sure you’re ready for the worst with this Zombie Survival Notebook and attached pen. Measuring 5″ by 7″ and a solid 70 pages, this is a must have item for any serious zombie prepper.


Zombie Awareness Bracelet

Zombie-Awareness-Bracelet-2We can’t seem to keep these Zombie Awareness Bracelets in stock, so get yours now! Be the envy of your friends and spread the message. One size fits MOST. Discounts for multiples.


Zombie Survival Foam Koozie

Zombie-KoozieJust because it’s the end of the world, doesn’t mean you have to let you drink get warm. Be the hit of your zombie survival team with this black foam koozie with ZRS logo. Buy two get one free!


Escape Vehicle Keychain

Zombie-Escape-KeychainThe last thing you want to do when you’re being chased out of your house by zombies is grab the wrong set of keys. Be safe and sure with this Zombie Escape Vehicle keychain.


Aim for the Head Hat/strong>

Headshot-HatHopefully you already know where to aim when sizing up a zombie with your finger on the trigger. This black adjustable hat features a camouflage bill, and embroidered patch. Limited supply!


Black Logo Hat

ZRS-Black-HatThis adjustable black cotton hat with embroidered ZRS logo and white bill accent is just 1 for $10 or 2 for $17. We’re almost sold out, and will never order this design again!


License Plate Cover

License-Plate-CoverWhen the dead rise you’re going to be one of the few with a decent chance at surviving. In the meantime, let the zombie bait behind you know who’s boss with this killer cover.


Signed Nonfiction Book

EZ-Signed-CopyThis book comes signed and personalized by the author and Zombie Research Society Head Matt Mogk. Every true zombie fan should own a copy! $15.00


Signed Children’s Book

Mommy-Signed-CopyFunny zombie children’s book signed and personalized by the author and ZRS Head Matt Mogk. Doesn’t the younger generation deserve to survive too? $10.00


Crazy Backpack Deal

Both-BagsThis bug out backpack is perfect as a disaster survival kit, and we’re practically giving it away. Limited supply, so get it now or be out of luck. Just $16.50!



Famous Zombies Art Poster

This great art poster features famous zombies from film and TV, such as Bill Murray from Zombieland, Michael Jackson from his Thriller video, and even The Walking Dead’s Bicycle Girl. And of course in the center of it all is legendary zombie movie director George Romero taking orders behind the counter at the Winchester.

With a ton of subtle zombie references throughout, this poster is a no-brianer for any serious zombie fan’s collection.


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