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The Walking Dead (Season 1)
SEASON 1:  Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to discover the world plagued by zombies and small bands of human survivors forced into small, fiercely protective groups. Falling back on his old job, Rick sets out to lead mankind out of darkness.
Absolutely seat of your pants action!!!  
The Walking Dead (Season 2)
SEASON 2:  Rick Grimes and group attempt to survive in the world ravaged by the walking dead.


The Walking Dead (Season 3)
SEASON 3:  In the wake of a zombie apocalypse that desolates the world as we know it, a group of survivors led by police officer Rick Grimes holds on to the hope of humanity by banding together to wage a never-ending fight for their own survival.
The Walking Dead (Season 4)
SEASON 4: The Walking Dead continues to impress.  Lots of zombies and a whole lot of character development!
The Walking Deceased (2015)
In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a bumbling sheriff, his tough-guy son, a homeless dude and a lovable flesh-eater cross the country for survival.
War of the Dead (2011)
In 1942, Capt. Martin Stone leads an American unit on a mission to destroy an enemy bunker, joining forces with an elite platoon of soldiers. But the troops find themselves being attacked by the same soldiers they killed in an earlier ambush.
Waxwork (1988)
Invited over by a mysterious magician (David Warner), Mark (Zach Galligan) and his college friends attend a private tour of a macabre wax statue museum near campus, where the exhibits suck them into the frightening worlds of dangerous werewolves, vampires and other monsters. Full of satisfying suspense and gore, this inventive horror film finds Mark teaming up with unlikely allies in order to shut the waxwork down and escape with his life.
Waxwork II: Lost in Time
Picking up where the chilling original left off, this sequel follows Mark (Zach Galligan) and Sarah (Monika Schnarre), who survived the wax museum’s fiery end. But the disembodied hand of a zombie also escaped, and now it’s on the prowl for the couple’s flesh. Mark and Sarah search for a way to end the waxworks’ power, a quest that will take them back to the museum … and back in time. Cult faves Bruce Campbell and David Carradine also star.
White Zombie (1932)  
Considered to be the first zombie movies of all time.  Yeah– waaaay before Romero.
A young man turns to a witch doctor to lure the woman he loves away from her fiance, but instead turns her into a zombie slave.
The Whitest Kids U’ Know: Season 5 (2011)
In the fifth and final season of their irreverent sketch comedy show, Zach, Trevor and the rest of the Whitest Kids U’ Know troupe aim to go out on a high note with skits such as the Zombie Press Conference, Herpes Commercial and Little Hitler.
The Wicked (2005)
Looking for the ultimate scare, seven teens decide to spend Halloween night in a decaying house rumored to be haunted. But their quest turns deadly when a pair of grave robbers stop by, claiming to have a horde of zombies on their trail.
World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries 2 (2011)
The insatiable undead run amok in this gore-filled horror flick, which follows a band of humans who’ve survived a virus that has turned the rest of the world into zombies. Our heroes hear about a sanctuary near the sea — but is it true, or a trap?
World War Z [Unrated] (2013)
A U.N. employee races against time and fate as he travels the world trying to stop the spread of a deadly zombie pandemic. As the undead hordes gain strength across the globe, governments topple and Earth stands on the brink of total social collapse. Stars Brad Pitt.
Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead  (2015)
A man in the Outback must rescue his sister from a mad scientist conducting experiments on survivors of a plague that is turning humans into zombies.
A bloody good ride is to be had in this great indie flick!
Xombie: Dead on Arrival (TV Series 2003)
After a zombie plague destroys nearly all life on Earth, Dirge — a zombie variant who retains his conscious human mind — does his best to suppress his undead instincts so he can aid Zoe, a girl who has lost her family. The “Flash” cartoon, which originally premiered in a series of popular Webisodes, is collected here alongside other never-before-seen material. The compilation was produced by Oklahoma-based animation impresario James Farr.
Z Nation: Season 1  (2014)
In one man’s veins flows the cure to a raging zombie virus and a team of would-be heroes must escort him cross-country to the only vaccine clinic.
Zombeavers  (2014)
Enjoying a relaxed and romantic lakeside holiday, a gang of college students suddenly find themselves hunted by a pack of murderous un-dead beavers. Taking refuge in their rustic cabin, the terrified co-eds must fight tooth-and-claw to survive.
Zombies Anonymous (aka Last Rites of the Dead) (2006)
In a world where the living and the dead coexist, a girl shot dead by her boyfriend struggles to make the transition into her new zombie lifestyle by attending Zombies Anonymous meetings and making new friends amongst the amiable undead. Angela (Gina Ramsden) is dead, the victim of a vicious shooting by her psychotic boyfriend Josh (Joshua Nelson). But despite the fact that Angela’s heart may have stopped beating, she still has to go about living like everybody else. As Angela becomes a part of the new zombie society, she is introduced to a rotting subculture where look-alive face creams and all meat dinners help the mortally challenged feel like healthy, functional members of society.
The Zombie Apocalypse (2008)  
Three ordinary university students are caught up in the chaos of a zombie apocalypse and the struggle to survive.
Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption (2011)
With zombies greatly outnumbering humans, every day is a fight to see tomorrow. When a woman is kidnapped by raiders, a small band of survivors must gather up what resources they can and launch an all-or-nothing rescue mission.
Zombie  Ass: Toilet of the Dead (2011)
A group of teenagers, on a trip to the woods, is attacked by a crowd of zombies. Unfortunately, one of them has an unusual tie to the undead, and one of them holds the key to their escape.
Zombiethon (1986)
In between original scenes of zombies chasing sexy and often scantily clad women, this horror compilation showcases clips from campy low-budget classics such as Zombie Lake, Oasis of the Zombies, A Virgin Among the Living Dead and The Astro-Zombies. With vivid imagery ranging from chainsaw attacks to topless scuba diving, the collection features gruesome carnage as well as plenty of beautiful babes in the buff.
Zombie Diaries (2006)  
In the not-too-distant future, a mysterious plague has spread to every corner of the planet. Once it kills, the virus reanimates the dead, transforming them into flesh-eating zombies. This film reveals the terror through the eyes of its witnesses. Video cameras from a documentary film crew, a couple fleeing London (ground zero for the virus) and a band of survivors holed up in a barn capture the relentless zombie attack as it happens.
What “Diary of the Dead” (from Romero, listed elsewhere) should have been.
Zombie Farm (2009)  
Rocque is a spirit priest, who’s asked by local resident Ana Maria for protection from her abusive husband. When Rocque tells Ana that he’s powerless to help her, she turns to rival priestess Mama Luna. The priestess helps Ana kill her husband, but then adds him to her collection of zombie slaves. Now, Rocque has to keep Ana, and himself, from succumbing to the same zombie fate.ell has been unleashed on the small town of Muerto Verde when inbred cannibal farmers are turned into zombies after Taliban warriors poison the local water supply. The only hope for humanity are two FBI agents and four party-crazed college students.
Zombie High (1987)  
A woman goes to previously all-male boarding school on a scholarship. She begins to separate herself from her boyfriend in order to devote more   time to her new environment. Over a course of time she notices that more and more students have lost their individuality, and approach their activities in a lifeless and automatic manner. Eventually a diabolical plot fostered by the faculty begins to emerge.
Zombie Honeymoon (2005)  
Newlyweds Danny (Graham Sibley) and Denise (Tracy Coogan) find their honeymoon cut short when a hideous sea monster kills the recent bridegroom. But, desperately in love with his wife, Danny returns from the grave as a flesh-eating zombie. The couple soon learns that marriage is all about compromises, with Denise trying to adjust to life with an undead husband and Danny trying to control his ghoulish appetite. Until death do us part, indeed.
Zombie Hunter (2013)
When a street drug turns junkies into an army of zombies, Hunter finds himself with nothing but a beat-up car and a trunk full of guns and booze. Eventually, he stumbles across a small band of survivors.  Danny Trejo– who plays in it, but does NOT star in it.  Cheesy campy fun, if you’re up for it.
Zombie Girl: The Movie (2009)
Youth and inexperience were no deterrents to 12-year-old Emily Hagins when she set out to make her first full-length feature, the zombie flick Pathogen. This 2008 documentary chronicles her two-year endeavor from start to finish. With cameras focused on Emily and Mom — who acts as agent, crew, producer and No. 1 fan — the film illuminates indie moviemaking challenges and the wonder of being a plucky adolescent to whom anything seems possible.
Read about the making of this film HERE!
Zombie Massacre (2013)
When a bacteriological weapon developed by the U.S. government spreads an epidemic that turns a quiet little town’s residents into zombie hordes, a band of mercenaries is sent in to eliminate the threat — by detonating an atomic bomb.
Zombie Nation (2004)
A psycho cop with a weakness for killing his female arrests gets what’s coming to him when a pack of zombie women rise from their graves in order to get proper revenge.
Zombie Night (2013)
As night falls in a small California town, the dead rise from their graves and go looking to feast on the flesh of the living. Two families band together to face a long night of terror, fighting to survive until sunrise.
Zombie Town (2007)
Local mechanic Jake LaFond’s life is suddenly disrupted when mysterious parasites transform the law-abiding citizens of his quaint hometown into hoards of cannibalistic zombies. Isolated from the outside world by an accident on the only road out of town, Jake turns to Alex, his ex-girlfriend, for help. Together they try to solve the mystery behind this rapidly spreading infection. As the town grows deadlier by the moment, Jake’s gun-toting rival, Randy, becomes the third person in this trio of unlikely heroes and the battle is on. Between blood hungry grandmothers and lethal domestic animals, Jake, Alex and Randy must fight to make it through the night. Can they survive?
Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)
When flesh-eating zombies assault their idyllic town, a ragtag group of locals — including gay couple Tom (Doug Fahl) and Lance (Cooper Hopkins), Iranian American college student Frida (Janette Armand) and conservative Rev. Haggis (Bill Johns) — join forces to repel the brutal onslaught. Set in a paranoid post-9/11 America, this nerve-racking horror movie offers witty social satire as well as an abundance of blood and guts.
Zombie Vs. Strippers (2012)   
A local strip club owner sees his establishment finally getting the traffic he’s always wanted; unfortunately, most of his patrons are undead. With a sudden outbreak of a zombie virus, the dancers deal with the disaster the way only a stripper can.
Zombie Women of Satan (2009)  
A travelling group of freaks, headed up by Pervo the Clown, go to a rural farm to take part in a webcast interview to help them gain more followers and make the public aware of their awesome freakishness. Unbeknownest to our little group, however, this same rural farm is also home to a combined cult for women / zombie research laboratory.
Zombies: When the Dead Walk (2008)
Though zombies have become a pop culture phenomenon, they’ve been an integral part of culture and religion in places like Haiti since the 1800s.
Zombies Zombies Zombies  (2008)
When an unorthodox drug experiment conducted by a mad scientist transforms the residents of a small town into flesh-eating zombies, a motley crew of exotic dancers, pimps, hookers and johns are forced to take refuge inside a seedy strip club. Helmed by first-time filmmaker Jason Murphy, this zany, tongue-in-cheek horror-thriller stars FHM model Jessica Barton and Playboy Playmate Hollie Winnard.
You’re gonna get what you expect.
Zoombies (2015)
A zombie virus turns a zoo full of animals undead and bloodthirsty. If they escape the zoo, the whole city will be in danger.


  1. Zombies of mass destruction

  2. Does anyone know a movie that this guy and a group of friends go into a diner and his friends are kinda mean to the waitress and they tell her to come with her on a ride and so she goes and later on in the movie she cant find her sister only to see her at this club in this cage gerrinf shocked to dance and i think she was a zombie

  3. You left out Pandemic which is currently on Netflix, was a decent film. Also while not on Netflix, Hulu has a zombie movie on there called Maggie not really a lot of action but a good storyline type film.

  4. hi guys, maybe you could help me. im looking for a movie i watched a few years ago, its about some kind of virus i think or whatever, which makes ppl zombie like in a small town. i only remember the ending, where the mother puts her daughter into a police cell and gives her the keys and then she goes to open the door, because her son is back and she needs to find out, if he is ok or not. and then the zombie brother gets in and stands in front of the cell with the sister inside and then the sister gives him the keys to her cell.
    looking for this movie for 2 years now °-°

  5. Hi. Was Undead ever on Netflix,? I love Australian movies! They are fun to watch. Wyrmwood is one of my favorite movies.

    • I don’t believe Undead ever was. I saw that movie at the Toronto International Film Festival a few years ago. It was tons of fun, for sure. Wyrmwood is also an awesome flick. The Aussies are killing it with dead movies!

  6. I really love Z Nation, it grows on you especially in the second season. It’s like if Tarantino directed the walking dead bc it’s got camp, humor and extra gore. I’d rate it higher than 3 stars.

  7. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of a movie where a group of friends hold up in their house to hide from the zombies. The zombies are created by going on some website and watching a video or something. They become Infected and slowly start to loose their mind as the website or infection takes over. It was on Netflix awhile ago but I couldn’t find it on here. It is not The Signal I checked that already. Thanks

  8. very interesting list

  9. This list was perfect. Everything I needed. Great list and descriptions for the movies helped me find the movies I like to watch. Thanks for the time and effort put into this list. So much hard work wow. I’ll be coming back more and more

  10. Great site, lots of ones I’ve been tempted to watch and others that were iffy. Wondering how you Missed Warm Bodies and Zombieland?

  11. Hey thank you!! That was close enough for me to find it…it’s actually called ‘The Onega Man’
    Thank you very much!

  12. I was extremely delighted to see The Walking Dead on your list! As a HUGE fan of zombie movies/shows, The Walking Dead is easily my #1 favorite.
    May I also suggest adding “The Crazies” to your list? I’m not sure if it’s on Netflix instant play or not but I would definitely categorize it as a zombie movie. ☺️

  13. Hello!
    I have been trying to find a movie I saw as a child, maybe in the 70’s or 80’s that was about a movie where there was one man who survived, and he traveled from town to town using different cars…
    The zombies/vampires(?) would come out only at night, they had white eyes….
    He eventually found one woman who wasn’t quite a zombie yet but slowly turned…can any out there help me?! Would love to watch it again, can’t remember much more. It was actually a good movie!
    Thanks so much!

    • “I am omega” with Charlton heston might be the movie. the remake was made with Will Smith “i am legend”

      • Christopher Patrick

        Actually, the Charlton Heston film was called ‘The Omega Man.’ Of course, this was somewhat a remake of Richard Matheson’s ‘The Last Man On Earth’ starring Vincent Price.
        Both are great flicks!

  14. I am just utterly bewildered how WWZ could garner so many stars. I finally watched it this Friday night, and now I just feel dirty. The story was disjointed, the acting on par with small town dinner theater, and the special effects were not used effectively. The only interesting thing about the undead in this movie is that they suddenly know how to pop and lock upon reanimation. I already knew that it was not going to live up to its namesake, but I didn’t realize that it was worthy of MST3000.

  15. Zombie Strippers was awesome to me! Guess I just like all zombie movies.

  16. Cmon only 3 stars for killer klowns! Lol. Will def be checking these out so good list hope you’ll keep it updated. Btw you might wanna double check the pet cemetery description cuz I think it’s wrong, then again I haven’t slept so it could be that.

    • Wow– that description has been up there for a few years and no one told me :S
      LOL! Thanks, I will fix. Hey if you ever find anything else wrong, don’t hesitate to mention (like movies not PLAYING when they should etc). It’s alot of work to keep this up to date, and I do miss some.
      Thanks again!

      • recently tried to add ‘aaah! zombies!’ and ‘fido’ to my to watch list but they are no longer available. well in the us anyway. i put watching them off for too long. 🙁 seen poultrygeist though and i have to say it totally lived up to my expectations. lol. wonderful 🙂

        • Yeah “Aaah Zombies!” hasn’t been available on Netflix for a while. Hadn’t noticed “Fido” was no longer available though. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I have greyed out the “PLAY” button. But Netflix brings movies back all the time, so “Fido” will likely come back.

  17. I was trying to find the title of an Australian zombie movie I saw on Canadian netflix yesterday that I wanted to watch today – I didn’t see it – does anyone know of any Australian zombie movies on Canadian netflix? Thanks!

    • You might be thinking of “Undead (2013).”

      Here’s a description from IMDB: Peaceful, rustic Berkeley is a charming fishing community where life is sweet and the people friendly. All that is about to change. After losing her childhood farm to the bank, local beauty Rene decides to leave town and head for the big city. Suddenly, an avalanche of meteorites races through the sky, bombarding the town and bringing an otherworldly infection. Departing is going to be much more difficult than she had planned. The living dead are awakened and Rene is now caught in a nightmare of zombies hungry for human flesh. She manages to find salvation in a small isolated farm house owned by the town loony, Marion. There she is met with four other desperate survivors. Together they battle their way through a plague of walking dead and discover that there is more transpiring than just an infection.

      I couldn’t find it on Netflix (American or Canadian). Any other suggestions, readers?

  18. Awesome! That was a sleeper for sure. Loved it.

  19. “Night of the Comet” is being released tomorrow November 19th 2013 in Blu ray. I will have my copy via. UPS. Yeah!!!

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