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ZILF by Scott Parks

Zombie Research Society Member, Scott Parks, displays questionable taste in women with his latest stab at writing a zombie haiku: ZILF Pretty zombie girl Winks ...

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UNNNNNGH, by Auburn Blessing

Spotted this zombie poem while flipping through the pages of All Poetry.  I know it’s supposed to be about the undead, but the more I ...

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LOVE AT FIRST DROOL by Benjamin Rogers

Writer and blogger Benjamin Rogers penned this zombie love poem, proving the romance isn’t dead when you are. Love At First Drool Eat more human ...

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ZOMBIES AREN'T by Tom Beckett

Spotted this charmer in a collection of Zombie short poems by Tom Beckett, and thought it was well worth posting: ZOMBIES AREN’T Zombies aren’t usually ...

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ZOMBIE by Michael James Martin

Spotted this fine short poem over at the Project Dust World blog: ZOMBIE Along with the others In the back who smell worse Than I ...

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ZOMBIE SONNET The vampire is too cool for my blood, all latex and disco toilet stalls. As for the lycanthrope, he gets his breaks so ...

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A ZOMBIE'S ODE by Maya Papaya

Over on the Tackleglomp blog, described as the, “semi-official lexicon and psycho babble of Maya Papaya”, I spotted an award winning Zombie poem that captured ...

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