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OH BOY, BRAINS! by Bryan Durren

Artist and aspiring professional wrestler Bryan Durren whipped up this fifties inspired zombie illustration. Durren works as a senior designer at the Little Caesars corporate ...

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ZOMBIE HITLER by William Blankenship, Jr.

Why do Nazis and zombies seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly? Maybe the Blizkriegers of the 1940s most closely approximate level of ...

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EAT YOURSELF by Joshua Hoffine

What would a zombie do if it’s locked in a room with nothing to eat? Better yet, what would you do under those same circumstances? ...

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ZOMBIE LOVE by Berk Öztürk

Turkish illustrator Berk Öztürk creates stylized images of a creepy, childlike world. Below is one of our favorites. Check out the rest of Berk’s work ...

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This isn’t a new image, but we stumbled across it again and had to repost.  We love it that much.  Artist Terry Border has made ...

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We’ve already discussed whether or not zombies actually swallow what they eat. This photo from French culture and art magazine, Chronic’art, suggests whatever goes in ...

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ROCK-A-ZOMBIE by Aaron Fulcher

Digital artist Aaron Fulcher creates rocked out designs for the tattoo set.  We spotting this Johnny Cash inspired piece and just had to post it ...

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ZOMBIE SCREAM by Edvard Munch

Considered and Expressionist masterpiece, The Scream was painted by Edvard Munch in 1893, and depicts a terrorized figure against a blood-red sky. Bald, skeletal, and ...

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KAREN COOPER by Matt Groller

The first character on film ever to turn from innocent victim to flesh eating zombie is a little girl named Karen Cooper in Night of ...

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COLONEL HERZOG by William Blankenship

In Dead Snow (2009), Colonel Herzog and his undead troops behave much like mummies.  They are preserved in ice, and they just want their gold ...

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