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In case you live under a rock and don’t know already May is Zombie Awareness Month. And this year we’re doing what might be the best zombie giveaway of all time. What are we giving away, you ask? We’re giving away a zombie.

To honor the occasion, our friends over at Gore Galore have donated this professional quality life-sized zombie for you to win. Gore Galore is the leading manufacturer of giant costumes, and giant puppets. And the zombie they gave us is valued at $500!

We’ve had it at ZRS headquarters for a few weeks now, and it scares the crap out of pretty much everybody. Our intern Jack is afraid to be left alone with it. No joke. Our cleaning crew quit because they couldn’t stand to look at it! The pics above do not do it justice. It’s much more lifelike and freaky in person.

There will be several ways to win, but one is to plan, organize and document (photo proof) your own Zombie Awareness Month event so we’re giving you an early heads up. Get to planning, because May is just around the corner!

More details and photos coming soon, so check back often or miss your shot at the zombie.


  1. On the 25th, at my high school, I’m holding a zombie contest with cash prize for my friends. They will be coming dressed as zombies and/or in zombie survival outfits! Who else is actually participating?

  2. I must have this zombie. How else can I win it? Where will I be sending these photos to? NEED MORE INFO, NEED THIS ZOMBIE, NEED BRRRRAAAAIIIINNNNZZZZ!!!!!

  3. Thanks for hacking this awesome thread about a Lifesize Zombie Giveaway from that crazy Gore Galore company with your editing issues;) Come on folks. What do you think about maybe winning a Nasty life-size zombie?

  4. I really wasn’t being a jerk. I used to proof read stories for a newspaper. I took a class on AP style writing. Expert? No, I am not. The majority of what I have learned has come from my wife, TSgt. Hill. She is a military trained journalist for the USAF.

    Its very nice of you to point out my errors though. Its not that easy to write a reply from my Droid when it trys to auto fix every word I write.

  5. I think you mean ‘an’ editor…

  6. I’ll be an editor! I teach English Composition at the University of Hawai’i and can provide professional credentials if needed.

  7. Huge fan here. Just wondering if you guys have a editor? Out should have the” “t” replaced with an “r” and “THEY’LL” woukd be better as “There will”. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the help.

      We don’t have an editor, and we need one desperately! If you want to volunteer email: contact@zrs.me – We’ve been looking for one for a while but they keep flaking out. 🙁

    • Not to sound like a jerk, but your one to talk about an editor. The writer of this story had one error as far as i can see, the out really being our, and I see three major errors in your comment. Also they’ll is the same as they will not there will

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