If zombies use sight as a primary sensory agent when hunting for humans, any weapon that can take out their visual ability should prove highly effective.

Imagine playing the children’s swimming pool game Marco Polo in silence. What are the chances that the kid who’s “it” would ever be able to catch anyone else with his eyes shut and no verbal clues? Practically zilch.

Blinding a zombie may not eliminate the threat completely, and if you’re faced with a hoard of undead ghouls, then you’ll need one massive spray bottle to blind them all. But it’s widely believed that zombies lack any defensive instinct, so they’d happily walk through a wall of toxic liquid to get to their next meal, making traps easy to set. A simple bottle of bleach might even work.

The point here is that there are a whole host of alternative, nonlethal zombie weapons worth considering, because you never know where you’ll find yourself when the zombie pandemic hits.

Killing zombies should not be your primary objective–getting away alive and safe should be.


  1. zombies can still hear and smell real good. if you look a some zombie like from the Walking Dead or the video game Dead Rising they are missing their so they use their power of sent to find you are know your near. In the game Left For Dead the use pipe bombs to distract or kill the zombies because zombies can hear real well. also in the game Left For Dead 2 you have to watch what car you touch cause if you do it sets off the car and zombie no where you are. so think twice before you try to blind a zombie.

    • Can zombies really smell humans? Even if they did have a really good sense of smell they have to be able to smell you over the rotting smell of themselves and every other infected in the area. As long as you bathed regularly and didn’t put on perfume I don’t think a zombie could smell you so blinding it and tiptoeing away i think could work.

  2. There was an old Spanish zombie movie based on blind zombies (or zombie-like creatures) called Tomb of the Blind Dead.

    I’m legally blind in one eye without contacts. If I became a zombie, would the contact fuse to my dead eye or would I lose my sight once my eyes dried out. Would everyone with glasses become Magoo-zombies? That would change things from doomsday to a Benny Hill skit.

  3. Flashbangs. If the zombies can’t regenerate cells like we do, a flashbangs should permantely blind and make a zombie deaf. And they work on multiple targets at once! They can even be used as mines using enough string and lets say, an open parking lot.

  4. I dont Agree with the with article due to the fact that i believe Sight is a zombies third order sense used. I believe that the order of senses used is Hearing, Smelling then Seeing.

    • You have no way of knowing that. Until a zombie virus actually shows up there’s no way any of us can know how they function. This article is simply here to suggest alternative methods of dealing with zombies, whether or not it will actually work, nobody knows.

  5. What sort of blinding liquid would you recommend? Like household cleaners?

  6. I suppose if there is no other weapons about and I am caught off-guard by the zombie pandemic (unlikely, i am ready) then you could use it as a temporary weapon but I’ll it abandon for a weapon with more killing potential or at least somthing to push the zombies back with to clear my escape so any metal pipe or even a 2X4 i prefer.

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