Check out this killer zombie slingshot, with an added feature that helps you get the hammer our of your undead victims skull!


  1. To anyone wondering, Joerg often shoots his slingshots over a chronometer. Coupled with the weight of the projectiles, you can calculate the amount of kinetic energy in the projectiles and he often adds the stats on the amount of kinetic energy in joules to his videos. As a big fan of Joerg’s videos, I can say I’ve added a slingshot to my zombie arsenal. While they are not as rapid fire as a semi-auto, they are easier to find ammo for in an apocalypse! Lightweight and nearly silent = good stuff!

  2. I’m curious about the usefulness of a slingshot in a zombie outbreak. i am already skilled in archery (i hunt both deer and elk with a 60lb compound bow) and i also have a pretty large variety of firearms in my house including shotguns, .22 rifles, and hunting (30-06 and 308 rifles). i also have a reloader for shotgun ammo which is hand operated. My grandpa was a WWII vet and somewhat of a gun enthusiast so my dad was handed down half of his weapons; my uncle got the other half which i do have access to because he lives like 6 blocks away haha he has most of the antique or less funtional weapons such as muzzle-loaders…

    Sorry i got a little carried away there…

    Ok back to the slingshot…the funtionality of this slingshot looks awsome. its both a ranged and a badass melee weapon. My only question is the amount of kinetic energy a projectile fired from a slingshot (not just this one, but any slingshot available on the market) would have at various distances. Would a projectile be able to penetrate a human skull? I just dont see a pebble less than a few ounces being able to accompish much more than breaking a few glass jars or killing squirrels 😛 I would like to know the speed at which it can fire a projectile and also the amount of pull-back force required to get any kind of power out of it.

    A slingshot could be a very valuable weapon because not only is it quiet but you can use pretty much anything as ammo. I need to do some research and maybe i can get my hands on a simple one to play with and practice aiming and reloading quickly.

  3. Its really genius engineering. I honestly want one

  4. I want one too. If he makes more and sells them could someone put the address on here, please?

  5. Totally rad! Best zombie killing device ever!! I want one!

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