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It’s a new year, and according to the Mayans 2012 could be the end of the line for us all. But even if you don’t buy what the doomsday nuts are selling, it’s still a great time to get more serious about your interest in zombies. To that end, we’ve put together a top six list of things you should do this year to get up to speed with your zombie knowledge and survival strategy.  In order of importance from least to most, here are your zombie new years resolutions:


All zombie survival is local. If your strategy involves traveling vast distances in hopes of reaching a place you’ve never been and have no connection to, get a new plan. When faced with a catastrophic zombie outbreak, or any other large-scale natural of man made disaster, you will likely be forced to do the best you can with what you have in the place you are.


We are living in the golden age of zombie literature. A decade ago you’d be hard-pressed to find a single modern zombie book in any major chain, or even online. People weren’t writing them very often, and more importantly publishers weren’t buying them. Take advantage of the current boon by reading a new work of zombie fiction or nonfiction today!


Forget about constructing a wild and crazy zombie survival plan that involves vehicles you don’t own, weapons you’ve never even held, and shelters you’ve read about on the interwebs. Looting a gun shop will get you shot in the face. Steeling an armored truck is a complete waste of time. And that off-shore oil rig might as well be on the moon.


Any self-respecting zombie fan should understand the roots of the current craze. Did you know that the modern flesh-eating zombie evolved from vampires, not from the Haitian voodoo tradition? Did you know that zombies didn’t eat brains before 1985, and still don’t in most zombie movies? The history of the modern zombie is rich, and well worth looking into.


Whether you’re into zombie survival, zombie science, zombie movies, or just having fun with the undead, there are several worthwhile zombie organizations to meet your needs. New clubs are forming every day, so look around and get involved. Zombies seem to always find strength in numbers, and so should you!


The steps it takes to survive the aftermath of a large-scale zombie outbreak are much the same as those needed to survive any prolonged catastrophic natural or man made disaster. And nothing is more vital to human survival than having access to a near-constant supply of clean drinking water. Worry about water first, or you may be the first to go when the dead rise.

What are some other zombie-related things we should all be doing in 2012? Tell us in the comments section below.


  1. Here’s my short list for things to do in 2013;
    -Learn to change a tire! From NY. What can I say?
    -Buy two full-sized spare tires
    -Buy some gas cans. Fill my mini-van only from those gas cans and rotate through to keep all fuel levels fresh and topped off. And yes, I said, MINI-VAN!
    -Install roof rack, tow hitch, front and back wiches on said mini-van
    -Throw in a rear twin-mount tire rack for good measure… Saw an awesome one while driving the other day!
    -Build a ham radio. Um… I mean learn to build a ham radio and start an emergency network ASAP
    -Teach my family desert survival (we live in 29 Palms, CA after all…)
    -Teach my three kids how to drive! I know their only 6, 2 and 3 months but, it’ll be too late when I’m eaten alive so now’s probably better… Anybody know if a POWERWHEELS with a RADIO FLYER tied to the back of it can outrun a zombie?

    Maybe that list ain’t so short after all but, I kept coming up with stuff! That’s what she said…

  2. Fellow ZRS’ers. Brian Hillard, from the San Fernando Valley, CA. chapter of the ZRS. What a great topic! We as a chapter have been focused on PREPAREDNESS!

    Even if it isn’t a full on, to the numbers “zombie outbreak”, the results of certain events, and the actions that people would need to take to survive would be virtually the same. Whether that event would be a terrorist attack, natural disaster, small pox pandemic, flu, 2012, (if indeed that event does take place . . . which I am not too sure of that will be the case) etc., we would all need to learn and retain the skills of survival, and help our friends and loved one’s do the same.

    I have taken initiative in my own home and started to prepare for the day when THE EVENT will take place. My wife and I have Bug Out Kits packed and ready, we have some food and water supplies put away. Every trip to the grocery store, we always grab a little something for the stockpile; canned food (which we would not take if we had to bug out on foot – way too heavy), healthy, calorie rich light snack foods, beef jerky, etc., etc. Both she and I come from a marathon/Expedition Adventure Racing background, and both stay in very good shape. We truly believe that not only must we prepare our food and water stores, but we must also prepare our bodies, becoming stronger physically, knowing that it can definitely help to keep us alive in a real world survival situation. We strengthen our bodies, become more physically fit, increasing our levels of endurance; and in doing so, also strengthening our minds and mental attitudes!

    I have an organized garage that holds all of our totes; these totes include tent, water purifier, clothes, additional survival knives, fire making materials, compass and CA. maps, and the like.

    PREPAREDNESS encompasses so many different elements. Be diligent and patient, and know that it will not happen over night, but every day, do something that gets you that much closer to having the ability and skills to survive the coming zombie pandemic. You’r in survival. B

  3. Buy plenty of duct tape!

    • The best way to carry or pack duct tape that I have found is to wrap/fold it into business card size of about 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick. They fit everywhere!

  4. Okay- I have one thing to say. The zombie apocalypse should not be a contact sport. The first thing to do in order to survive is just that survive. That means avoiding confrontation in the first place. It dosen’t matter if it’s people, zombies, or any hazard, distance equals safety. If you must engage a hostile it is better to do so at a distance.
    As for “Day by day”… It’s a great story. However much like “The zombie survival guide” by Max Brooks it is fiction. There are plenty of things to read out there but that doesn’t mean you should just trust any of it without thinking. My suggestion would be to read as much as possible especially nonfiction. Read, research, and keep your options open. In fact one such book would be “Zarmageddon” by Simeon Gregory. It’s kind of his answer to Max Brooks.

  5. “Sight in your rifle” leads me to believe you plan on shooting them from a distance. I would not advise this unless you have a crazy good suppressor, otherwise you’re going to kill one and attract 50 more every time you fire your gun.

    I suggest reading the “Day by Day: Armageddon” series by J.L. Bourne. Bourne is actually an active duty member of the military so he really knows his stuff. I believe his main character in the series has the best strategy for dealing with the undead; avoid when possible and only fire when necessary and in close range with small caliber, quite, guns.

  6. Educate yourself. Sit down and think of what you’ll need to know in order to survive and learn those skills.
    Learn gardening and a few vegetarian meals.
    Learn basic first aid.
    Learn how to secure your home and what you’ll need to do so.

  7. Check your bug out bag
    Sight in your rifle

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