We’ve already discussed the fact that many items are essential to creating a solid zombie survival kit.  One low-cost item that should never be overlooked is a hands-free flashlight (or two).  For about $20, you’ll have a long lasting light source that doesn’t take Zombie Headlightaway from your ability to open doors, use two-handed weapons, or work on securing the three essentials: Food, Water and Shelter.

High tech night vision goggles are impressive, but they can be expensive and impractical.  Experienced military forces across the globe – including the French Foreign Legion – still use your basic headlight for night combat maneuvers.  Its sturdy, waterproof, portable, and doesn’t require any advanced know-how to operate.

Whether it be going into the dark basement to change a light bulb, or investigating a noise in the attic crawlspace, there are a million daily uses for a headlight.  You can find a wide selection online by clicking HERE.

What are some other survival innovations that shouldn’t be left out of your kit?

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  2. I have a head-mounted headlight which has LEDʻs and has two settings: one with the bright white, the other, with a less-intense red light. it cost me less than $20 and could probably be useful. jus throwin out suggestions that i havenʻt seen so far on this post.

    i definitely agree that as much as possible, less light used at night is best, but when needed, something like this could definitely come in handy

  3. another thing never to be overlooked, a tin can, why? because you can use it as a pot in an emergency

    • You can boil water in any object that will hold it, aside from Styrofoam, and other low-melting point plastics. Empty coke bottles, water bottles, even a leaf.

  4. Ya if you get fancy night vision goggles they are nice until the batterys run out then you just have a dark tube thats useless

  5. Come on man! Do you guys have to just sneak into the dark cellars to see wth is going on in there? Then you’ll end up eaten by the zombies to the bone! steer clear of the dark places ESP basements and don’t fart around at night….Just days! ;D

    • Its for a combat situtation of search and clear. if zombies are in the basement of your safehouse do you wait till zombies bite you on the ass or do you kill them befor you have a problem.

  6. Yeah, a flashlight is a must. One that requires no hands is even better. My only problem would be the batteries. It would be cool if they had a crank powered head flashlight!

    Another great survival tool would be a decent travel tool kit. I could see many uses for tools like wrenches, ratchets, screw drivers, etc…

    • battery life in an led light like that is a very long time. Led’s are very efficient in both output and power usage. 😀

  7. It seems to me in an open area i would rather not use any light source as it may attract unwanted attention from afar. Granted on a night with no visibility it would be the lesser of risks to use such a headlight. Within a confined area, buildings, caves etc, i feel this would be absolutely invaluable in clean and sweep scenarios.

  8. well what if maybe we get a black light headlamp thatd work most likely anyway

  9. Does this come with different colored bulbs? Only reason I ask is because aren’t zombies attracted to bright lights in the dark, and would they be as attracted to a green or red light instead of white light?

    Though, I suppose a person could just buy another color bulb or in a pinch find some cellophane and a colored marker.

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