Whatever your situation in a zombie outbreak, don’t count on looting needed food from the local mega-mart. An extensive analysis of injuries occurring in large crowds over the last several years found that from Boston to Beijing, people of all ages and walks of life actively participated in the deaths of their fellow man to accomplish their own often trivial objectives.

Innocent bystanders were trampled to death in Angola in March 2009 so that a mob could get a better view of the visiting pope. One month later, in the Ivory Coast, twenty-two people were killed in a stampede of soccer fans upset about their team’s loss. In 2006, 346 pilgrims were crushed to death on the last day of their trip to Mecca. The list goes on and on.

But perhaps the most telling example is that of Jdimytai Damour, a 270-pound Walmart worker who died on November 28, 2008, after being trampled by suburban Long Island shoppers looking to take advantage of early holiday discounts. Even the paramedics who unsuccessfully attempted to revive Damour were jostled by the aggressive crowd.

If everyday citizens are killing one another just to get a better price on a flat-screen television, imagine what ugly behaviors will surface when actual survival is at stake. The findings suggest that inadvertent human violence may well be a greater cause of death and destruction than any flesh-eating zombie or lunatic with a shotgun in the coming undead pandemic.

So if your zombie survival plan includes going to Walmart, Costco, Target or the like you better get a new plan.


  1. I’m with severed on this one. Avoid large chain stores, especially in the beginning. Hide out and assess the situation. Make sure you are knowledgable and skilled before the schizz goes down. Know how to use tools (even non powered ones), know how eat, defend, and treat medical emergencies, know how to build, keep yourself in shape, know how to start and put out fires, how to find water. I think knowledge is half the battle.

  2. Like it was said in other articles, if you don’t already have enough supplies on you when it hits the fan, you’re hooped anyways. I have no problem raiding walmarts, but I wouldnt do it for the first few weeks for sure. Yeah most things will be cleared out by then but I’m willing to bet you could still find good supplies.

  3. In 2010 Black Friday stampedes killed more people than black bears.
    That’s shoppers killing more people in one day than black bears did in a whole year.

  4. Yeah when I try to talk about zombie survival plans with people (for fun and practicality) I often hear that they would go to Bunnings (Hardware Warehouse) because of the power tools and the ability to make your own defences.
    With the factor that some people can’t even use a drill it would have to be the second dumbest idea right next to going to the police or army. While yes the idea has some merit, people rushing to stores are a common idea, meaning you wont be the only one. So zombies will be there because somebody will tag along being infected and turn in the middle of the crowd not to mention people’s selfish morals.
    In all honesty I think the best bet is to hide out somewhere for a few weeks like your home before working out what to do (considering the situation, what is near by and the location will influence what you can/can’t/should/shouldn’t do.

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