LiveScience recently looked at the differences between compulsive liars and people who just can’t help but tell the truth. Turns out that lying is a daily activity for even the most honest among us. Yale University professor of psychiatry Charles Dike says that we bend the truth to get ahead in business, to improve our social position, and to avoid hurting the feelings of others.

“If you define lying as a statement intended to deceive, then yes we all do lie every day.”

This reality highlights yet another fundamental difference between zombies and humans: Zombies don’t lie. In their relentless aggression, zombies seem incapable of masking their single-minded desire to hunt and eat every living person on the planet. They want what they want, and they’re not afraid to let it be known.

In fact, zombies are unique to most other popular monsters in their pathological truthfulness. By contrast vampires keep their identity secret. They lie through their spiked teeth about their past, their eating habits, and why they can’t make it to your beach party this weekend. Werewolves aren’t big on talking about their monthly “problem” either.

Like a virus with legs and teeth, zombies aren’t interest in fitting into a society that will never accept them. Instead they openly announce their intention to destroy that society in a methodical advance toward world domination.  Sure, the undead ghoul clawing at your door wants to eat your entire family. Sure, it will stop at nothing to turn you into one of it’s growing horde. Sure, having your guts pulled out by its cold, undead hands isn’t going to be fun.

Say what you want about zombies, but at least they’re being honest.



  1. this is a very interesting post when you consider the symbolic representation of zombies. zombies stories are all usually at least part social commentary but i’ve never thought of the aspect that they are unable to lie, or transparent in their motives. yet another way we have illustrated that the dead are the second side to our coin…..and that humans are always more dangerous than zombies!

  2. I beg to differ. All the Zombies I know already fit in to society, too well. Sure you can blame them for the current financial crisis, given that most of them work in that field, but still, the worst I can say about them is that they’re boring. Deadly boring. You’d probably end up hoping they eat your brains just to put you out of your misery.

    But they’re very nice Undead people.

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