According to MIT News researchers at Lincoln Laboratory’s Chemical, Biological and Nanoscale Technologies Group have  invented a new drug that can identify cells infected by any type of virus and then kill them, thereby terminating the infection.

The drug has proven effective against dozens of viruses, including the common cold, influenza, the polio virus, and dengue fever.  Senior team member Tod Rider says this could be a game changer:

“Because the technology is so broad-spectrum, it could potentially also be used to combat outbreaks of new and unknown viruses, such as the 2003 SARS outbreak.  In theory it should work against all viruses.”

Because many experts theorize that the next great zombie plague will be caused by a virus, this new drug treatment could prevent global catastrophe when the dead rise.  More research is needed, but initial results are promising to say the least.

Read the full article HERE.


  1. What is the name of this drug or what is inside of it? I’m working on a book for a class and it would be great to be able to back up things with science.

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  3. How can there be a cute if there isn’t any zombies yet? Do you know anything or have any information about it?

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  7. Thank god there’s a cure I have a really bad fear of them.
    Irrational fear.

    • But the thing is that there is a cure when there is no zombies yet! In order to actually have a cure it needs to be tested so what do you think?

  8. Thank god there’s a cure I have a really bad fear of them.

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    • Go To Zombie School, you prick

      You cant have a cure if the virus doesnt exist yet. Nice try but thats not how it works. A zombie virus could be a few different virus’ mutated, or who knows. We dont know because its irrational to have a cure for something thats not around yet. They dont even have a cure nor treatment for the Zika virus, that has been around for almost a year now. They have to focus on whats going on now, even if they think zombies are the bigger threat.

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          The stupidity is hilarious. You are not the “keeper if the cure to everything” cause there isn’t a mutated virus yet!!! -.-

          • From an idiotic point of view that is exactly so.

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            Not if the idiot is you. Its called, that there is no discovery. You are the joke of this comment section and its pretty damn amusing. The zombie virus will start, or already has started. The signs are there, and we aren’t going to take some 20 year old nobody’s comments and make it into a whole thing about a cure that YOU DONT HAVE.

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  10. I still don’t think that there will ever be a zombie apocalypse because of the research of the days.

    A doctor once tried finding a cure for cancer but then supposely turned that person into a zombie and then shot the person right in the head

    • Go To Zombie School, you prick

      It may be irrational right now but if this virus becomes airborne, we cant stop it at the very start. Thats not how it’ll work out. It never does work out how we want it to. You cant end a virus if it already spread. Doesnt matter if you kill Patient Zero (The first victim), it’ll spread out of our control. The best thing to do now is to wait it out, and survive, even if we’re doomed anyway.

  11. Manisha shankar karwande

    Wht is the treatment for zobies?? Wht is the preacaution or prevantion for this??

  12. I really am so scared to see what might happen if the zombie apocalypse happened. Me and a friend r going to be prepared. The only thing is, I don’t know if I should beleice in zombies.

    • Go To Zombie School, you prick

      Believe in it. Sadly, its completely possible thanks to the idiots who are creating the ZOMBIE cell as we speak. They way we’re going, Its extremely possible.

  13. How do you make the zombie cure so when someone gets bitten i can cure who ever it is

  14. Well the zombies will com some time and if someone has that stuff i will by a box of it for 3,000$.

    • I would buy 2-3 boxes of zombie-virus cure for about $1200.00, 12 bottles of un-infected water in bottles, 2 M-16 assault rifles, 2 Colt-45 pistols (the kind that cowboys used), 4 bullet-proof vests (all camo), bulletproof helmets (military), green-camo cargo-pants, a small survival-backpack, possibly an RPG (rocketlauncher), probably not a heavy-machinegun, and won’t BUY a friend to help, just get an oold’ pal. And I would buy materials to built a bomb-shelter (nuke-proof) and a 95 year-supply of food. And if I die, I hope to die with my friend.

  15. Alexander McKnight

    Hi, problem with this zombie cure.

    Let’s just get the obvious stuff out of the way and say the dead cannot rise again just by a virus. This would need to be a virus that causes all organs to become dormant, and the brain completely self-sufficient. After 4 minutes without receiving oxygen, your brain cells will start to die. I’m not sure if brain cells can regenerate or not, but I cannot imagine this to be good. Not only that, but this virus would literally need to take over these cells and replicate itself from them, so that just adds to the problem.

    You can shoot a zombie in the lungs, heart, liver, wherever, but it will still walk and moan and try to eat you. That means the virus-infected brain, which would have been mutated by now, is obviously not reliant on the organs. This means your heart has stopped pumping. You can shoot it all you want, but the zombie is still going to walk. The reason this is bad is because our heart is what pumps our blood and causes it to move. Without our heart pumping, it’s impossible to move oxygen to the brain (which demonstrates the brain is not in need of oxygen when mutated by this Z-virus). You know how long your brain can survive without oxygen? Even in as short as 3 minutes it’s likely to receive serious brain damage. 10 minutes and most of your cells has died and is very unlikely for you to recover, 15 and it’s virtually impossible, consider yourself in a vegetative state.

    The reason this is bad is because even if you’re able to kill off that virus, are you going to be able to save the brain after such deprivation of oxygen? Even then, you gotta remember that the brain has already mutated to host this virus, and thus make you what you are.

    If you can’t save them before they enter that comatose state, they can’t be saved.

  16. Why are we so sure a zombie bite will turn you into one and not simply kill you?

  17. I think the whole point of this “cure” depends on how long it takes from bite to reanimation, as well as the knowledge of the infected person (before reanimation). As long as you get the cure BEFORE reanimation, then the cure can work against the virus and hopefully kill it off saving the life of the now uninfected. However if the infection was given to a fully infected, it would either kill the zombie dead, end. OR it would prove useless. The point is that this must be used BEFORE reanimation to give it a chance to save the user, otherwise all that will happen is the infected will die. Although thats enough for some people I suppose.

    • but what if we spread tons of cure into the atmosphere . that could save the survivors even if a zombie bites them as they breath it. it could possibly decrease the effect on zombies and could possibly return the human emotions stored in the brain. please reply

  18. And how do know this “CURE” isn’t the reason for the Zombie Apocalypse? huH? HUH?

  19. And if the zombie crisis is literally a period of walking dead, where corpses are somehow functioning just enough to lumber around, moan, groan, and hunger for raw meat, then the only cure is destroying the brain.

    However, if zombies are functioning just enough to read an understand a sign that say “Zombie Cure Over Here” then I will do that. I will sit at a booth wearing a white lab coat while polishing my shotgun….

    If only…

  20. I highly doubt this could be a cure all, there are so many ways a new virus could be created, in addition the way to treat a virus is based on whether or not it is gram pos/neg, and this drug works by “double-stranded RNA activated caspase oligomerizers” there are many types of viruses, some having one strand of rna to having 2 strands to one strand of dna and 2 strands

    I am taking an advanced biology class, and have read numerous articles on the hybridization of viruses and bacteria for their numerous medical capabilities… I have no boubt that it is possible to create something along the lines of the rage virus from 28 days.

    and even if this “cure” is as good as they claim, there are still soo many factors that that go into finding/fighting a virus, also it probably would not work against a bacterial infection or against a fungal infection

    I am skeptical that this could prevent the zombie apokalypse

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