Lewis Keseberg was out of options.  It was the winter of 1847, and he was trapped inside an isolated mountain cabin with no food and a badly injured leg that rendered him unable to walk.  He and his young family were part of a group of 87 pioneers bound for a new life in California when an early winter storm trapped them in the snowy Sierra Navada Mountains.  Many of the group had already gone ahead for help, including his wife and children.  Before leaving, Lewis’ daughter made him promise to survive at any cost.

The cabin was warm, and the snow outside provided plenty of water to heat and drink.  But as the weeks turned into months with still no sign of rescue, starvation and resulting sickness took hold of those left behind.  What was once a small band of survivors in Lewis’ cabin had been chipped away.  He was by himself, lying on the floor surrounded by corpses.

As he painfully recounts in the History of the Donner Party, by night Lewis would listen to wolves clawing at the door and roof in hopes of gaining access to a fresh meal.  By day he would boil and eat the flesh of his dead companions to stay alive.  When Tamzene Donner returned from a nearby cabin she refused to eat human meat and soon died herself, orphaning her five children.  Lewis promptly ate her as well.

Lewis Keseberg was eventually rescued, and rejoined his family to lead a long and prosperous life in California.  There is no question that if he had not engaged in cannibalism he would have died along with so many others.

In a zombie world agonizing choices will have to be made on a daily basis.  What will you be willing to do in order to survive?


  1. i would kill everyone and anything that threatened my family, cannibalism yes !

  2. Jason A. Martin

    If my choices are cannibalism or dying of starvation? You bet your bippy I’d resort to cannibalism! And not just of people who had already croaked around me, either – No matter what the ethics or taboos of civilized humans may be right now, there is literally nothing I’m not willing to do to make sure my family and I survive. If that makes me a ruthless monster, then so be it.

  3. Id be afraid to eat someone infected or infected with other diseases/sicknesses

  4. In a zombie world, I will be willing to run a trotline (and all my rowdy friends are comin’ over tonight).

    Think about it.

  5. you know that you can actually eat road kill if you get to it fast enough and remove all the guts since they’ll release the chemicals that they were filtering back into the body and make it inedible if you have a car or truck gut it where you find it and take the meat with you

  6. It’s really hard to say what you would or wouldn’t do when faced with certain death by starvation. I’ve never been starving, being hungry doesn’t count. I think, if faced with certain death, you would most likely over come all those stigmas and taboos just to survive another day.

  7. I would get as much food and supplies as I can. Survive by rationing food and hunting. If it doesn’t go well and I can’t get enough food I would be forced to either starve or resort to Cannibalism. It would be a tough choice and you would have to be very careful what you eat considering they may be infected or not.

  8. And any survivors I run into are free to ride with. We’ll cut some ventalation into the trailer, hook up some lights, run a cord off the power supply and put a fuckin tv and dvd player in there too. Hahaha!

    • What power supply are you referring to? The truck’s battery? You’d be watching tv for about 15 minutes before you sucked it dry, dude, unless you sat there idling the engine, which would attract a lot of attention. And are you planning on using this semi to drive around? Because those trucks are pretty thirsty, hope you’ve got lots of diesel on hand.

  9. I got guns, ammo, a field-dress kit to butcher game with, a vehicle and survival skills. I’ll live out in the middle of nowhere and hunt deer, rabbits, raccoons, possums, ducks, geese, squirrel and I’ll fish. You guys can contend with the walking dead in the crowded and populated cities if you want. The safest places to be will be remote areas where you’re less likely to run into other people. Keep to yourself and stay on the move. With pretty much any resource being free for the taking, I’m sure I could steal a semi with a sleeper cab to reside in. Reinforce the windows with steel bars and chainlink and I’m good to go.

  10. Ilana Gottfried-Lee

    in the zombie apocalypse after the stores are looted pet stores are the next stop. dog foods better than no food.

    • Joe Eats Humanflesh

      Dog food is indeed better than starvation, but consider how many zombies will be attracted by the animals in those pet stores. They’d be pretty crowded just in normal stores, being as that’s where survivors are likely to head for, and with barking dogs, and rabbits tantalisingly out of their reach in cages, I’d expect there’d be quite a lot of flesh munchers packed in there.

  11. I would be seriouslly concerned about becoming infected from eating aparently dead meat, i wouldn’t even trust boiling, frying etc as means for sterilization, there are microbes that survive, and even thrive, in otherwise sterilizing conditions.

    • I definately agree with you there you risk becoming one of them so i would trying to get somewhere that has other food supplies and if i do have to resort to eating any animal i will be observing it for a few hours to see what it does aka if it is infected! If it appears to be ok then we will feast!

  12. Joe Eats Humanflesh

    My diet will probably consist of cat, dog, insects, people, shoes and the odd brick. It’ll be just like christmas all year round.

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