Though  the idea that government researchers will accidentally cause a zombie outbreak is arguably overplayed in the movies, recent findings suggest it might also be right on the nose.  New Scientist Magazine reports that a planned bio-lab funded by the United States is almost guaranteed to result in disaster.

Foot-and-mouth disease is a highly contagious, often fatal viral threat that infects animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, bison and deer.  It can be devastating to livestock and wild herds if left unchecked.

The government’s own estimates suggest that their proposed lab has a 70 percent chance of accidentally leaking the virus, causing up to $50 billion in damage.  But even that isn’t enough to kill the project.  Now the National Academy of Science (NAS) says the risk is much higher.  Academy Member, Jack Roth, explains:

“When the virus that causes FMD escapes, it’s likely it will reach distances far away before we knew it escaped.”

NAS goes on to claim that the Homeland Security analysis IS incomplete and utterly failS to learn from 15 other past catastrophic accidents, almost ensuring future disaster.

The weight of the evidence makes is difficult not to think that before too long irresponsible research and incompetent safety strategies will lead to the end of the world.


  1. Of course it will………nuff said.

  2. I agree that science can take it too far, but what wouldn’t we have if we didn’t test the boundry?

  3. OMG insane!!
    If it aint broke, why break it?

  4. Doesn’t surprise me.
    A couple of years back, a biological research lab in New Jersey (???…why not in Death Valley and not a highly populated frickin’ area???) lost 2 rats that had been infected with the Plague.

    I heard about it and immediately thought, “That has to have been the Florida Orange Grove Plague or something, not, you know, the PLAGUE Plague. Not the Bubonic Plague or the BLACK PLAGUE…No one in their right damn MIND would think is was a good idea to infect rats (one of the main animals that helped kill half the world in the Dark Ages) with the SAME DAMN DISEASE AGAIN.

    Well, sure enough…the geniuses DID.
    Then they lost two of the damn rats.
    And here’s the best part…THE RATS WERE DEAD, stored in a LOCKED freezer drawer, in a biological research lab… I.E. they were STOLEN.

    What? Did Frosty the frickin’ Snowman get hungry or something? Or did some wack-a-doo decide “Hey, I bet I could start the Apocalypse…!”

    Personally, I’m thinking it was the latter.
    Needless to say, stocking up on shells, food and keeping the crowbar handy…

  5. Now something like this would not surprise me at all… We are unlocking things that we should not unlock.

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