It’s estimated that in a catastrophic zombie pandemic ninety-nine percent of the human population will perish, and zombie infection will likely not be the primary cause.  Lack of food, water and shelter, other hostile humans, and failed government action represent real threats to survival.  But perhaps the most overlooked cause of death is literally in your own hands: suicide.

So what can you do to insulate yourself from falling into such deep despair that you take your own life?

  1. Take responsibility for others.  By connecting yourself with another person’s well being you strengthen your own resolve, and create an obligation to – and hope for – the future.
  2. Set clear goals.  By setting goals and working towards them you create a sense of purpose and achievement.  Small victories are the key to victory in the war of survival.

The World Health Organization ranks suicide as the twelfth leading cause of death worldwide, but evidence overwhelmingly suggests that social breakdown in a zombie outbreak will cause the number of suicides to skyrocket.

In an undead world where even death doesn’t represent the end of suffering, it’s in your hands to choose life.  By taking care of your own psychological health you will not only secure your survival, but the survival of the human race.

NOTE: This article was written by Iain Mckinnon, author of Domain of the Dead, and the forthcoming novel Remains of the Dead.


  1. What the hell would I wanna kill myself for? Survivors wanna survive! In a zombie apocalypse, being alive makes no Darwinian sense at all. For true survival of the fittest, you’d need bloo skin and your neighbor’s thigh veins stuck in between your teeth. Preferably with some kind of hand tool like a ukulele obtained in your death grip to give you a natural advantage over all the other inferior, useless eater zombies that weren’t smart enough to die holding an implement that exploits the opposable thumb.

    I’d love to turn into a zombie as long as it didn’t mean I had to be partially devoured first. Looks kinda painful and shit in the movies..

    First thing I’d do as a zombie is eat my kids and get even with them for never cleaning up their rooms and getting cookie crumbs on the couch.

    Yup, bring on the zombieness, yo.

  2. Anything that causes hopelessness will cause suicide to rise. When the dead are walking and we are no longer the top of the food chain… suicides will rise. This is pretty basic information.

  3. I think everyone is going to have this problem. Or at least the ones that live. Ik if i lost some of the people in my life i would be really, really depressed and stuff. I would probably still be able to live (the whole dont let them die in vain thing), but it would be hard.

  4. I don’t think I would have that problem, unless I was infected and going to turn.

    • Then you go for the ” i have nothing left to lose so im going to cover myself in explosives and go out in a self sacrificing blaze of unrelenting glory” moment.

      Which i dont count as suicide per se.

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