Wired Magazine reports that all life on Earth may have originated from dead alien viruses that reanimated after reaching our planet.  Researchers at the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (Canada) claim that even though microbes are dead, they carry enough genetic information to allow new life to rise from their ashes.

Astronomer Paul Wesson continues:

“The vast majority of organisms reach a new home in the Milky Way in a technically dead state.  Resurrection may, however, be possible.”

Wesson’s hypothesis is highly speculative because we know so little about the true origins of life on Earth.  Nonetheless, it has profound implications for the field of zombie research.

If reanimated creatures are at the root of human civilization, it could be argued that the coming zombie plague is not only possible,  but likely.


  1. Virus’s are just protien coats carrying DNA for that particular virus. They use the organism they infect to produce millions of virus’s by cutting up the host’s DNA and re constructing it into there own. It is possible however, that bacteria go into a dormant state known as a spore, these spores (depending upon which bacteria type) can survive many different conditions, including the vacuum of outer space. There are theories that all life on earth arrived on a meteor. The original idea of this article in my opinion is just another theory as to how zombies could come about, a Alien microbe, which can be present in spore or viral form, or completely knew microbial species altogether.

    • I was reading an article about this in new scientist the other week. It’s really interesting.. there are also people who want to send out bacteria to exoplanets in their spore states, so life isn’t lost when we eventually destroy the earth.

  2. Most of the people here are confusing resurrection with zombification. If “dead” cells are reanimated such as the result of electrocution, they are restarted, not reanimated. if a person dies on the operating table and is brought back, is he or she a zombie? No. He or she is mealy resurrected or brought back. Zombification is almost always in symbiosis with a virus or a parasite. If this virus or parasite did infect the alien cell then we did not evolve from this alien cell. Viruses are not alive so we, living organisms, could not evolve from them. If it was a parasite, which is living, then we originated from the parasite AND the alien cells. Not from one.

    • You’re actually a little off here. The theory suggests that all life originated form the dead alien virus – so there was no parasite on earth to mix with the alien cells. There was no life on earth at all. Also, to say that zombies are dead might be oversimplification. There are occupying a human corpse, sure. But the zombie sickness itself – the force that is driving the corpse – is clearly not dead. That’s where the term undead comes in.

      • A virus can’t be a ‘dead alien virus’. Viruses don’t live.

      • Viruses are not alive, they do not meet the seven conditions that are required for something to be considered alive. They are not like any other organism, please do some research on this as it is an interesting topic.

        Viruses technically meet 5/7 criteria for life, but are interesting in their own way.

      • A virus is a protein shell that covers DNA. They can’t reproduce without a host cell, so are not alive. They are merely floating blobs of DNA that latch onto and cause defections in cells.

      • When researchers first discovered agents that behaved like bacteria but were much smaller and caused diseases such as rabies and foot-and-mouth disease, it became the general view that viruses were biologically “alive.” However this perception changed in 1935 when the tobacco mosaic virus was crystallized and it was shown that the particles lacked the mechanisms necessary for metabolic function. Once it was established that viruses consist merely of DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein shell, it became the scientific view that they are more complex biochemical mechanisms than living organisms.

  3. i would point out one thing is that even if we were sprouted out of dead alien zombie cells is that we evolved from dead cells that got infused with the earths ozone dirt air water and what else was on the our mother earth so even if we are labeled aliens but most of us were all were born raised, adapted, and evolved to survive on this planet so who cares if we are aliens tis just that once zombies rise it doesn’t matter what planet your from

  4. You reached too far on this one… way too far.

    • lol – you think the notion (backed by noted scientists) that all life on Earth came from reanimated dead organisms is too far removed form zombies? Fair enough.

      • No, the reach was that the organism was actually dead. Maybe in a hibernative state, maybe something new sprouted off the dead material through a chemical reaction… but it’s hard to believe that the exact same organism was somehow sprouted back to life. I can buy that this new creature on the planet could have had a reaction with some of the materials already here, but not that it came here dead and came back to life exactly the same as it left its previous location.

  5. Yes, we may all be in fact martian.

    Martian Zombies from space…it’s been us the whole time!..hahaha

  6. It sound cooler on the surface than it really is…

  7. I’d say that the microorganisms aren’t really zombies, as they only contain the molecules to start life and some microorganisms can live through ridiculous conditions. Do you have a link to the source?, this sounds really interesting.

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