AMC’s groundbreaking zombie drama, The Walking Dead, continued to fly high in it second week.  New characters, plot twists, and conflicts drove the action, but it’s what we learned about the undead horde itself that was most revealing.

Here’s a basic breakdown of The Walking Dead zombies:

  • They don’t just walk, instead speeding up when excited by food
  • They eat any living animal within reach, not just humans
  • They hunt primarily by smell, also using sight and hearing
  • They can climb fences, and overcome complex obsticles
  • They use tools and weapons, and seem able to learn
  • They don’t moan, instead using vocalization as an alert

George A. Romero invented the modern zombie in 1968, and AMC’s take falls nicely in line with much of the master’s original vision.

In the era of sprinting zombies, sparkling vampires, and wizards with their own theme park rides, it’s refreshing to see that zombie traditions are being honored on the small screen.

If you haven’t checked it out already, The Walking Dead is a must-watch program for any true zombie enthusiast.


  1. Ilana Gottfried-Lee

    it would be better if the episodes followed the amazing graphic novel more closely. right now its not the same at all.

    • I think the opposite the show doesn’t need to follow so closely if it did there would be no suspense. The show is better having the outline of the show but it’s own life.

  2. From what I’ve seen about the show itself, the changes from the comic are endorsed and possibly by the creator himself to keep the comic readers from knowing EVERYTHING. He wants the audience to keep guessing.

  3. I can’t get enough of the show. It has so much heart. I particularly appreciate how they honor the former humanity of the Zombies (“I’m sorry this happened to you.”) As for the Zombie’s behavior (climbing fences, picking up stuffed animals, etc., I can’t help but think of the phenomenon of muscle memory. Such as when a snake’s body writhes, even if the head has been cut off. I would guess that, even though the Zombie’s are dead, their muscle tissue carries the memories of previous, repetitive activities, thus allowing them to complete seemingly complex tasks. Thoughts?

  4. The show is good, but not as good as it was hyped up to be.

  5. No Rest For The Wicked

    Sorry the walking dead, covering yourself in zombie entrails might mask your smell, but the zombie shuffle to prevent being heard? Proven fact that senses intesify when one is absent……. A zombie could hear your heart beating. Expecially when your surrounded and about to shit yourself.

  6. If they “eat anything living within reach” this mean they also eat plants? who would knew zombies were vegans (everything raw, you know). Or “eat any animal within reach”?

  7. Ilana Gottfried-Lee

    it’s a great show but the whole second episode doesn’t follow the plot of the comics at all (even adding some new characters). I still love it though.

    • Glenn and the girl who has a sister from the basecamp are from the comics. This was a nice pacing change-up. Instead of him meeting everyone (besides Glenn) at once. I honestly didn’t bother trying to remember most of the base group, until they had been around awhile in the comic.

      And it’s interesting to see a bit more of the zombies. The zombies that seem to show some basic problem solving, like climbing the fence, and using the rock on the glass, may have been fresher zombies with some residual working gray-matter. Perhaps something in-line with their ability to walk upright, and balance.

  8. Any time during the week are there on-core presentations?

  9. I don’t know how I feel about the zombie climbing the fence. Yeah it makes the zombie a bigger threat, but it makes me wonder where are the writers going to draw the line as far as intelligence.

    • Zombies were normal humans once, so the ability to climb fences is understandable. The instinct to climb an obstacle in your way is inherently human.

      • Its not supposed to be a matter of instinct, but a matter of strength and dexterity.. The mental processes involved in climbing, and the physical ability are supposed to be outside of the zombie’s grasp. The zombie should break its fingers trying to reach through the fence, but never realize it might climb.. Or if it tries it would lift istelf a little, then tumble off the fence, unable to coordinate its next movement..

      • I agree with Samsuditana, i don’t think they have the strength, BUT they are “intelligent” zombies. Remember the black wife triying to open the door? They remember how to do some things, just like Romero’s zombies. But, man, that zombie climbed the fence three times faster than I would. And with elegance. LOL

  10. Did anyone else get a Left4Dead vibe from some of the characters in the second episode?

  11. Have to agree with Sam. So far its only 2 episodes, but II like what I see.

  12. Im keeping my fingers crossed it stays awesome, and doesn’t turn into a touchy feely human interest piece like jerico did.

  13. i am in love with this show!

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