The Walking Dead is a new hit show on AMC that follows survivors trying to navigate a zombie-infested planet.  It is based on a graphic novel of the same name, and is well worth a watch if you haven’t caught it already.  It’s also the pivotal force behind the renewed relevance of slow moving zombies.

Though it seems that Hollywood has latched on to the big screen fast zombie craze for the foreseeable future, there remains a strong market for the traditional shambler in print, games, and now on television.

If The Walking Dead continues to break ratings records, and there is a strong indication that it will, the door could be open for more slow zombie products.  Who knows, maybe the long-anticipated script for World War Z will finally get out of development hell and we’ll see a big budget shambling flick again soon!

Unfortunately, Hollywood isn’t know for its brains or foresight, so I wouldn’t hold you breath.


  1. It’s all a matter of taste, and how well they are portrayed either way is fine with me as long as it is done well.

  2. In my opinion the slow zombies never died. 28 days later was a rabid virus, not zombies.

  3. Ilana Gottfried-Lee

    I loved the walking dead. It stayed true to what zombies should be and to the amazing comics. Hopefully it will speed up the process of new good zombie shows and movies coming out.

  4. Zombie killer/victim

    In the part with hollywood not known for its brains or foresigt its alot like zombies as they also arent known for thier brains(instead their apparent want of others) and their foresight cause if they eat us all they wont have anything left to feed on

  5. Pride Prejudice and Zombies is slated to be released 2011 so is World War Z I believe

    • sorry i might be totaly off the mark here or reading your comment the wrong way but Pride Prejudice andf zombies is all ready out ???? i saw it the other day when i was searching for my next zombie tale =o)

  6. Id like to see boneshaker made into a film, it was an interesting twist, combining zombies with steampunk.. But im pretty sure pride predjuice and zombies will probably be made first.

  7. I agree with this – even the most brain-dead movie executive will recognize that money can be made from zombies after The Walking Dead, and there will be some movies made – maybe (please please please) World War Z, maybe Day By Aramageddon or one of the newly popular zombie titles. A couple will be great, a couple will be mediocre, and few will be so bad they extinguish the zombie horror film for a few years – until they rise again.

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