According to the American Red Cross’ 2010 World Disasters Report, the next urban disaster – whether natural, man made, or zombie – may well be even worse than the recent Haiti earthquake that left over 225,000 people dead.

David Meltzer, Senior VP of the Red Cross points to the statistical data:

“For the first time in history more people are living towns and cities than in rural areas, and in just 20 years, over 60 percent of the world’s population will be living in urban centers.”

The report finds that rapid urbanization, poor local governance, population growth, inadequate health services and a rising tide of urban violence make the human race increasingly vulnerable to catastrophe.

One of the report’s key findings is that a billion people live in slums or informal settlements in poor-quality homes on dangerous sites, with little or no access to the infrastructure and essential services.

As science continues to show that a zombie outbreak is more and more likely, humanity becomes less and less able to deal with the coming threat.



  1. I’d least like to see wonder woman turn into a zombie. Then you’d have a zombie that could not only fly, and had superior strength and speed, but once you added PMS to all that… scariest zombie ever!

  2. Be prepared people…sounds to me like the government is up to something here…

  3. I think that with planning, I would have a good chance to survive. Well, for all but one factor. I live in the second largest city in Indiana, next to a main road, by a plaza. Bad combination much? If zombies did attack (or anything else for that matter), I would be “royally screwed”, as I’ve heard it called.

  4. ……..small and rural, Just the way I like it!

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