In a real zombie catastrophe, gas stations will quickly be sucked dry by desperate survivors scrambling to drive to safety.  With no fuel, cars will almost instantly become useless metal shells, able to provide some basic level of shelter and nothing more.

But if you’re all stocked up on gas and looking to create the perfect zombie survival vehicle, consider covering it with a solid layer of Rexar, a hard polyurethane spray used to protect everything from truck beds to military helicopters.

Featured on Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers for its ability to shield against violent tornado winds and debris, Rexar by Rhino passed extensive tests at New Mexico Institute of Technology, proving its impressive blast mitigating capabilities for commercial and government use.

Applying Rexar to your vehicle won’t turn it into an impenetrable moving fortress, but it is a good start to creating an armored transport to ward off swarming zombies or a human mob.


  1. You know what I would forget all conventional means and make…….. a fridge tank I know what your thinking I’m insane but lets look here the motor in the freezer part you sitting in the wider section driving it down the street hitting zombies along the way….. that would be the height of fun.

  2. richard(zsnipe)stewart

    offroad truck jeep hummer etc. military humvee if you can. i think the sheet metal on ovens would be ok in a pinch. it never seems to break no matter what you throw at it its heat resistant which if you hafta shortcut through fire its a good thing and all you need is a few quiet houses or a store to get it from.

  3. Would a zombie horde be smart enough to swarm a top heavy vehicle such as a bus and rock it to knock it over? If they are I’ll cross that out of my ideas, but if they aren’t then a bus-like vehicle covered in this stuff would work amazingly well.

  4. Is Rexar a clear coat polyurethane?
    If so, could it be applied to windows?

  5. Desel trucks would work, which is why i own one. fuel isn’t hard to make, you can kill a animal and make biodesil or you can filter used fast food grece

  6. If I was planning on some type of vehical for zombie survivial it would be a bank truck period hands down. there’s nothing geting in there , or a state dumptruck with a plow, of course though the windows would have to be barricaded and such. Tanks would be good, for such things as personal protection an APC would be nice but i wouldn’t plan on holding on to it unless i was going to try and hold my position, not sutible for long travel as they do not get very good fuel mileage. Most vehicals nowa days if your only going 35mph the car or truck won’t make it through a simple crash into a zombie, just something to think about…

  7. This seems kinda pointless. You’ll still need the glass to see out of and thats the only part of the car thats vulnerable to breakage during a flash mob of zombies.

  8. We spray hunting vehicles with bed liner, like Rhino liner or a similar product. It’s rubber and holds up amazingly to agressive back woods driving. Although I’m not sure what kind of damage a zombie would do at 90 mph, but then again most things total out at that speed. Your car is only as strong as the frame.

  9. Won’t do any good when you can’t get anywhere because the streets are packed. Get a mountain bike or somethng small like a mopad. You can get through most places and you can carry them distances when you can’t get through.

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