This news isn’t exactly new, but it’s one of our favorite stories in recent memory.

A 22-year-old man in Colorado, Brandon Duke, was convicted of attempted murder after shooting at a local police officer trying to arrest him. At the time of the shooting, Duke claimed that he fired his weapon because he was convinced the officer was a zombie.

At his 2011 trial, Duke pleaded insanity but the strategy failed. In the end, he struck a deal with prosecutors that landed him in prison for up to 55 years.

If you’re like us, you often mistake strangers for zombies. A drunk guy stumbling towards us from across the street is enough to send us heading in the other direction. Better safe than sorry, right?

Let Duke’s story be a lesson. Though the coming zombie plague could strike at any moment, it never pays to be trigger happy.

Have you ever mistaken someone for a zombie?


  1. I always shoot and don’t ask questions later, best plan there is oh and don’t get caught that is the second best plan.

  2. It is due to this line of thinking, the zombie walks, promotions, et al, that the hardest part of ZA to survive will be the first 7 days. While everyone’s still in denial about what’s going on, and expecting the governments and law enforcement agencies to protect them. By the end of the first week tho, things should be significantly enough changed that we can get on with the business of survival and zombicide relatively unhindered.

  3. I stand by the belief that the worst possible place for a zombie outbreak to start would be during a zombie walk. Think about it. People walking the streets, staggering and moaning, carrying fake body parts covered in fake blood that they’re pretending to munch on. How many people do you think would watch a real zombie take down a person and immediately know what was going on? With the possible exception of members of the ZRS (who it still might take a moment to register for), most everyone is going to watch, laughing, at the really convincing show that the people are putting on.

  4. I had zombies attack my workplace the other day. They were fake, of course. I work in a media company & they were promoting the new sci fi channel, but still they turned up dressed up all good and played the part perfectly. All I kept thinking was wow, when the zombie apocalypse happens everyone is just gonna stand there and laugh about what a good promotion is and how realistic those costumes are until they get torn apart.

  5. It is idiots like this that give all zombie preppers a bad name. Why would you be out there with a gun during the first few minutes of the apocalypse anyway? I’m going to hole up as long as I can and let idiots like this kill eachother off before trying to make my way in the new world.

  6. Although the police officer victim obviously wasn’t a zombie, this is the kind of situation which could cause an outbreak to spread so rapidly. When there’s a hord moving in on you your not always going to have time to consider moral and legal consequences of your actions %100 of the time. What if a police officer see’s you “murdering” a group of undead and decides that your actually committing a crime, do you really think he’s going to think twice about drawing his weapon on you? There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that during a zombie apocalypse we will be our own worst enemies, and the real danger will undoubtedly be other people.

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