Because humans are a key ingredient in the creation of zombies, it stands to reason that a higher population density means greater danger in an undead outbreak.  That’s why new forecasts released by the United Nations show that the human race is setting itself up for certain disaster.

By 2030, sixty percent of the world’s population, or five billion people, will live inside large urban centers.  And two billion of those will live in massive shanty towns across Asia and Africa, where new and deadly diseases brought on by unsanitary conditions, malnutrition, and lack of basic health care will run rampant.

Huge megacities, rare just a few years ago, will be commonly found all across the planet, as populations cram together in increasingly tight geographic areas.

In terms of zombie survival, we are becoming less self reliant, less physically and mentally fit, and less able to avoid or escape disaster when it strikes on a daily basis.

Where do you run when the mass of zombies is too thick to penetrate?  Where do you hide when your desperate neighbors are so close at hand they can hear you breathing?  How do you fight when the undead are less of a threat than the tens of millions of terrified survivors scrambling for life outside your front door?

For too many of us, the answers won’t be pretty.


  1. i’m in a small (2million people) city in china. it’s in the south, plenty of rain and almost all (hard to describe) flat area where you can walk and has sun light above ground level have mini hobby farms on them.
    -i was in my appartment during the day when everyone is out working and at school i would have about a thousand appartments of goods to raid and a large amouint of hobby farms to harvest
    …just need to block the stairs (which already has a metal gate)
    …….and worry about those still at home, however they are not likely to cause issues as (so far as i can tell) the chinese are more comunity orientated -so i possbile become a leader of 100 house wives 😛

    -not to mention it would be redicolusly easy to just to another appartment building and raid that, or join forces with them
    ….be like a modern version of living in the trees with the zombies packing the streets below

  2. all i can say, somewhat obvious, is “New York, Chicago and other huge cities = Bad Ju Ju”

  3. I live in Australia on the gold coaSt and frankly I would head out to the farms where my girlfriend lives, 8 houses maybe for miles and! Every house has at least 4-5 fire arms

  4. Big cities have big shopping malls. I think I’d hang out in one of them during the zombie outbreak. What could possibly go wrong living in a mall?

    • well for one thing, you just posted the thought of living in a shopping mall during a zombie apocalypse, on a page that is about too many people around. many fanatic, unable to think for themself, people would do this along with you. but all it takes is one zombie to get inside, or one idiot to go outside, while leaving the door unlocked.
      with a mall being one of the towns biggest attractions for a higher population, a shopping mall would honestly be one of the worst ideas you could ever have.
      instead, why not make your living quarters somewhere less populated, and use the shopping mall as a resource center that you assault every now and then with riot sheilds and AK47’s? probably a smaller team would help too, rather than sending your whole survival team.

  5. I live in the woods, less than 1000 people in my town…….closest city is 20 mile away.

    • Luck eeeeeeeeeee

    • Hope those stomach iseuss aren’t the first signs of impending Zombie-ism. Then again, if you look like THAT as a zombie, I suppose the trade-offs won’t be too bad.Hope your non-zombie self feels better.Len really caught lightening in a bottle, w/ his Monster By Mail service. I bought one of the original 150, bonsai , as soon as I heard about it.Cheers.

  6. That little farm house from NOTLD is looking better by the minute.

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