Making calls from a cell phone will be impossible during the first hours and days of the coming undead pandemic, but bandwidth friendly text messages may prove invaluable when trying to locate your zombie survival team.  Now CNN contributor, Amy Gahran, recommends owning a second cell phone to be used in just such an emergency.

Gahran points to the limited battery life of most popular web-surfing brands as a serious problem in a prolonged disaster.  She suggests that a simple backup phone that can hold an extended charge is in order.

“During Hurricane Katrina, text messaging saved lives and was a key coordination tool for NOLA.com, according to Online Journalism Review.”

Many discount phones lack the energy-sucking features of your favorite model, but can hold their charge for a month, with up to 200 hours of talking time.  For around $20, it could be the essential tool that saves your life and the lives of your loved ones in an undead crisis.

Gahran closes with a reminder to program your essential zombie survival numbers before the dead rise, because it’s, “better to give them a head start early, than a head shot later.”

(Thanks to ZRS Advisory Board Member, Bradley Boytek, Ph.D., for his contribution to this article.)



  1. For power just pack a ring spanner (common nut size for most alternators so check what your car is) , screwdriver and electrical insulation tape. There will be plenty of abandoned cars with alternators and rectifiers waiting to be turned into wind/water generators producing 12v 24/7.

  2. I have a solar monkey charging unit.. excellent and works in cloudy conditions as well.. well worth the £25 I paid for it… take it with me on all road trips and stays in my daysack when Im out and about.

  3. remember with dead batteries and a few large cylinders of table salt and copper wire a cell phone can be charged also look for more ways…use your brain people ok great it will go dead carry you adapter for the car . you can charge a phone in more ways you can think like small villages in third world countries do when they have no power, generators to do so.

  4. They do have little solar chargers for phone now too. They are not the most efficient but a little juice is better than none at all.

  5. pre-paid cell phones for emergency’s sound great, doesn’t need to just be Z-day think I will pick one up 😛

  6. awesome…
    never thought about this..
    now i need to get me a cheapy phone.

  7. i hav a tracfone, they can h old a charge 4 3 days

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