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Here’s a haiku we spotted and liked.  Found it at Zombierama.com, along with a bunch of others.

Zombie Haiku

just a little bite

my single-minded purpose

brains, brains, brains, brains, brains

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  1. Heres a Zombie Haiku story I wrote in case your interested. Thought I’d share it with you.

    A Zombie Haiku

    I love the weekends
    Time to relax and goof off
    Prepare for Monday

    As with all things fun
    Sunday arrives much too soon
    Sigh! Time for bed now

    Darkness engulfs me
    Shadows play upon my walls
    Wait! What was that sound

    Fearing getting up
    I silently slid to the floor
    Hoping no one sees

    I wait a moment
    Listening to my quiet home
    Quit its not anymore

    As I sit there cowering
    I hear lots of things breaking
    Coming from my kitchen

    And besides breaking
    There also strange groaning sounds
    And dragging feet

    Darn! I just remolded
    Sounds like more than one
    Sure hope they leave soon

    I make myself ready
    Stand up on wobbly legs
    And walk to the door

    At first I see no one
    Then a thief shambles past the door
    He did not look right

    Need to get closer
    Find out what they are doing
    Sounds like a party

    As I get closer
    I catch the sent of something
    Very unpleasant smell

    Fighting being sick
    I crawl closer to the door
    I see six people

    Something is not right
    Stumbling, shambling, falling down
    Nuts! Found the liquor

    Wait! I see no bottles
    They are all totally drunk
    That explains their walk

    I watch in silence
    To afraid to move away
    Just my luck, I sneeze

    Slowly they all turn
    That’s not a smile on there face
    FACE! Most don’t have one

    They start to walk over
    Pretty sure being friends is out
    I think I’ll move now

    Awkwardly they walk
    Arms out stretched reaching for me
    I’m not hugging them

    Turn around quickly
    Quick moves seem to excite them
    Best remember that

    Move back down the hall
    All six still giving me chase
    Glad they can’t walk fast

    I turn back around
    There still there only closer now
    Boy are they ugly

    I’m back in my room
    I close the door and lock it
    Probably won’t hold

    Frantically I work
    Pilling things up to keep them out
    Forgot the door opens out

    Doesn’t take them long
    To break through my barricade
    Soon they have it down

    They fall over the stuff
    That was pilled in the doorway
    They look comical

    Soon they are back up
    Looking a little confused
    Then they notice me

    Looking around room
    There’s no place for me to hide
    It appears I’m trapped

    They close in on me
    My private space has been breached
    They have no manners

    Drooling on my carpet
    Tracking mud and breaking things
    Very impolite guest

    They still reach for me
    Making really strange noises
    Are the handicapped?

    I have had enough
    I tell them that they must leave, now
    I say it sternly

    They didn’t listen
    I say it really loud next time
    Thinking that might help

    Wrong. Didn’t help at all
    I push through them in anger
    Rush down the doorway

    I open the kitchen door
    Look outside in amazement
    What is going on?

    Not sure how or why
    Suddenly I’m on the ground
    Faces looking down

    Without any warning
    They reach out and grab at me
    Bending down closer

    I have a bad feeling
    Wish I wasn’t ticklish
    Laughing but in pain

    Stopped laughing quickly
    Intense pain in my belly
    Excites the large group

    As things go to black
    I see them eating my flesh
    Thankfully I die

    There is only black
    Suddenly there’s a small light
    Growing pretty quick

    As I open my eyes,
    Turn my head to look around
    See people leaving

    I can’t remember
    Why I’m down on the cold ground
    Nor why my head hurts

    Painfully I rise
    Looking for someone to help
    But there is no one

    Oops! I made a mistake
    I can see lots of people
    But, there all leaving

    I try to yell out
    Attempting to be noticed
    My throat is too dry

    I lick my dry lips
    Thinking that this could help me
    Strange, I taste copper

    I raise my hand up
    Rubbing it against my nose
    It comes away red

    Okay! I’m confused
    And too be frank, pissed
    That I can’t get help

    I will try again
    To call for someone’s help
    I hope someone hears

    Silence is shattered
    By a hideous groaning
    Quickly I look around

    Where did that come from?
    There’s no one around but me
    Understanding dawns

    I look at my hands
    Wondering why they look gray
    That’s a new color

    I also discover
    A great whopper of a hole
    In my mid-section

    This I know is new
    It’s not supposed to be there
    I’ll need a bandage

    To top it all off
    I’m starting to get hungry
    Without a stomach!

    How can that be?
    I’m not sure how that works
    Need to eat right now!

    Blood drips from my nose
    Cascading down my ripped lips
    Enjoying the flavor

    Smile forms on my lips
    My blood has made me hungrier
    Fast food stores all closed

    There is other fast food
    I begin to realize
    I start out, searching

    In the distance
    Dinner is trying to hide
    Act like I don’t see

    They are all hiding
    As I stumble up to them
    Pretend I don’t see

    Shambling just past them
    Suddenly I stop and sniff
    I can small there fear

    Is making me hungrier

    As slow as a snail
    I turn and try to grab them
    Instead I fall down

    Look up from the ground
    Dinner is getting away
    Nuts! Now I must chase

    After a long time
    Dinner at last cornered

    I’m getting closer
    What is that thing he’s holding?
    Matters not, hungry

    Dinner good but fast
    Caught after long chase, scratched and hit
    Have leftovers for snacks

    It was a lot of work
    And I ate and ate and ate
    So much for leftovers

    I was hit a lot
    Very surprise it didn’t hurt
    Kind of glad for that

    I get up off ground
    Wondering what to do now
    Watch others for clues

    After a short time
    Realize after a bit
    They don’t know either

    Groups of them hang about
    I decided to approach them
    I stand back and wait

    The group I approach
    All appear to be laughing
    So I laugh as well

    Suddenly they stop
    And all turn to look at me
    Silence unnerving

    I clear my throat
    Lift my hand up and say hello
    They seem familiar

    Silence is spooky
    One turns around to face the group
    Then he turns around

    Shambling slowly
    Starts to head over to me
    Swallow nervously

    After a long time
    Finally stands before me
    He seems kind of mad

    Getting in my face
    He snarls “what are you laughing at”
    I just stare at him

    He looks familiar
    For some reason can’t place it
    He helps remember

    You weren’t laughing
    When me and my crew turned you
    You just screamed and screamed

    Of all the bad luck
    Thousands of zombies roaming
    And who do I find

    The jerk that ate me
    And made a mess of my place
    Just freaking perfect

    I think I should leave
    He turns to call to his friends
    So I slink away

    As I walk away
    I hear him and the others
    Laughing once again

    I hang my head low
    And trudge off into the night
    Not sure what to do

    So I fall in line
    And do what the others do
    Soon it comes naturally

    So now I just walk
    And I just wander searching
    Finding only death

    Everything is ugly
    There is no beauty in death
    Well, except for me.

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