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The official psychologist for the Boston, Houston and Chicago Marathons, Dr. Jeffrey Brown, is an expert at treating athletes who are experiencing psychological symptoms related to the extreme stress they put on their bodies and minds.  So much so that his new book, The Winner’s Brain, is all about the brain science of success.

Turns out that most people who succeed in sport, or zombie survival, have similar brains:

“We found trends and patterns that people who regularly experience success were demonstrating.”

Focusing on the neuroscience of success, Brown highlights what it takes to win through real-life stories. From interviews with B.B. King about music improvisation, to training at the FBI Academy’s Firearms Division to learn about focus and emotional balance.

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of psychological health in a zombie outbreak, and the mental pitfalls we will all face when the dead rise.  In a marathon, the wrong attitude will find you finishing at the the back of the pack.  In a  zombie plague, the wrong attitude will get you killed.  Therefore, any preparations you can make to develop a winning brain before it’s too late is time well spent.


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  1. Preparing at all for the outbreak will make you more confident. I am studying in china with none of my old surviver equipment but what I have I can work with to survive. As I explain to children contrary to the popular teachings of today “its not about having fun its about winning” We must Win!

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