USA Today reports that business is booming for companies that build doomsday safe houses.  But because of the high cost of construction, the new model is to buy part ownership in a larger facility designed to house up to two thousand people.

The Vivos Network, for example, is a planned group of 20 fortified, underground living communities spread across the United States, each complete with enough food and water for all owners for an extended period of time.

“They are intended to protect those inside for up to a year from catastrophes such as a nuclear attack, killer asteroids or tsunamis.”

As previously discussed, strategies that work in major natural or man-made disasters will likely do the job in a zombie outbreak as well.

But one overlooked issue is the massive amount of trust in strangers these partial-ownership facilities require.  When hundreds of people have the ability to access your shelter, what’s to stop an owner from bringing his entire extended family along even though he’s only purchased one spot?  What’s to stop dozens of owners doing likewise, thereby instantly shrinking your food supply from a year to just a couple weeks?

By contrast, what if your parents are visiting when the dead rise?  Will you bring them along, or elect to follow the rules and leave mom and dad outside because they don’t have a golden ticket?

Add in the standard problems of clashing personalities, religious and political disagreements, and the inevitability of hidden infections in the group, the community shelter system seems like a disaster waiting to happen all on its own.



  1. i am designing models of what i think would be very good cheap (less than 200k for constuction) zombie-proof living quarters (not all houses), i made a website that i will upload videos to when i get a chance. still the best thing would be to live in an rv surrounded by a big concrete fence, and a garage with a wooden lookout tower built on it and living off the grid… but honeslty who is going to do that… i do not think you should hide in fear instead of living a normal life (no offense to domesday preppers)

  2. So I’m in the Navy and I have to be on a ship for extended periods of time without much contact with the outside world. Sort of like a bunker. Even though the close quarters can be annoying at times, you get over it and everyone works like a team, and if they don’t they are punished or motivated to get on board in other ways. If you were required to take a course or go through some sort training for a zombie scenario before you could buy a spot, that would ensure that everyone would at least have an idea of what to expect and you wouldn’t have those helpless people that just leech of the rest of us. Armed gaurds are a must, and a pre arranged rank structure voted on by the future tennants.

  3. There is always the asshole that hides it, thinking that for whatever reason he won’t get infected, or somebody will find a cure, etc. Or he’s just a straight up wimp. Either way, he fucks everyone in the group. Just watch the movies.

  4. What if you have a shelter like this with a crew at the entrance that checks for infection, extra people, etc. And there is no real advantage to having an underground shelter.

  5. Sounds like Fallout in real life

  6. Yeah, Nah. this idea is as ridiculous in a zombie outbreak as wrist mounted chainsaws, personal flamethrowers and faith in government quarantine measures.

    • I never understood the whole ” chainsaw as a weapon ” thing. Loud, heavy, and won’t start on the first pull= Zombie fodder!!

      • another thing to add to the chainsaw being innefective….. what if it breaks down? theres alot of mechanical bullshit in a chainsaw that not a lot of people would be able to fix. youd have to be a mechanic of somekind to understand it, and then to fix it, it would require taking the damn thing apart. this takes time, and energy. id rather use my energy swinging an axe at a zombie neck than trying to fix a chainsaw. ALSO, once it runs out of gas, your weaponless until you find some more of the right mixture, or make some.

  7. I live near an WW2 army base that shut down in the late 40’s. Plenty of large cement buildings, most of them unknown to the general public. No major roads lead to them and they would be very easy to seal up. with enough food I think I could wait it out………I should go ahead and start my stock pile……….

  8. fuck a shelter. i’m either gunna be out there kickin zombie ass or eatin brains. i’ll be undead before i coop myself up with even 10 people i don’t know with not shit to do but talk.

  9. Two good friends and a couple of automatic weapons and We’ve got food forever only have to get there first

  10. Id like to approach Zoe’s Idea, what if the ZRS chapters were to purchase one of these and set up a sort of meeting time, like 2 weeks after the outbreak?

  11. wasnt there a book like this. compond or some thing a rich man built one of theses and every thing went wrong right?

  12. I hadn’t even gotten past the headline when I figured the biggest problem with this was that two thousand survivors in a warehouse during the zombie apocalypse turns into two thousand zombies pretty darn fast. Nevermind the panic and infighting inevitable in such a situation, what about the one infected motherfucker sealed into your fallout shelter with the rest of you? How can you be sure the survivors will have the focus and resolve to neutralize the plague before there’s no one left? Two thousand people is an awful lot to do medical screening on and a house big enough for them plus sustenance is a lot of space to hide in. I’m packing for one, like everyone else should, and we can band together once we’ve each made sure of ourselves.

  13. well id go in kill or threaten everyone so they leave then lock the door not letting ANYONE in

  14. This completely seems like a stupid idea, even in non-zombie terms of survival.
    People are the most dangerous threat that can arise in any “catastrophe” scenario.
    I am against this. This is pure capitalism at its most reactionary, non-thought through, playing on fears best/worst.

  15. It would work if the only people in it were ZRS members, and we police our own.

  16. Resident Evil flashbacks anyone?

  17. Just another example of why humans are a bigger threat than zombies.

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