It’s widely believed that that the driving force of a functioning zombie is its brain, so whatever root sickness causes zombiism is likely controlling the body from there.  We’ve already seen zombie snails, but now researchers at Stanford University have created zombie rats.

Tons and Tons reports that Karl Deisseroth and his team have figured out how to insert genes into a specific part of a rat’s brain, encoding a new reaction to certain colors of light.

“If you shine the right color of light onto it, the neuron will fire. They inserted these genes into neurons in the primary motor cortex of the rat.”

The result is a rat that involuntarily runs around like a zombie on command.  But what’s really disturbing is that a virus is used to deliver the controlling gene into the rats neurons.

Zombie rats controlled by implanted viruses in their brains.  Am I the only one who doesn’t like the sound of that?



  1. This sounds like the synopsis for a Zombie Willard movie, or I guess it would be Zombie Ben. Either way I can’t wait until it comes out in theaters.

    Food for thought: I am not a religious person, but if god supposedly made us in his image, then maybe that means we are supposed to play god. Of course, I don’t recall any scriptures in which god injects genes into rat brains with viruses.

    • Also, God never said that we should stop attempting to understand the universe as best we could. Just be nice to each other. Still though, why would they WANT to make zombie-like rats? What possible practical application could there be?

  2. R.I.C. is the only one that I see with a important thought.

    PLEASE before you comment, brush up on the facts.
    Its like some of you actually want this to happen, and yet you say that you want a cure at the end!

  3. today it’s rats, tomorrow it’s rage infected monkeys. silly scientists, don’t they watch horror movies??

  4. ecuse me, is dat rat not dangerous?

  5. Whoot, lets play god! Nothing could possibly go wrong with that!

  6. I wonder if they are thoroughly testing the susceptibility of humans (or our monkey friends) to the viruses they inject into the rats..

    Yet at the same time, I doubt these researchers are spending their precious funding to develop an anti-virus to each of their experiments.

    Time to stock up an ammo.

  7. Somehow the phrase “encoding a new reaction to certain colors of light” reminds me of the H.P. Lovecraft story “The Colour Out Of Space”. Could there be a possible connection between a meteorite crash (H.P. Lovecraft), radioactive contamination from a Venusian space probe (G. Romero) and the new studies shown on photosensitive genes injected into the brain (Stanford)?

    All that is missing in this potentially apocalyptic cocktail is the actual transmission vector…

  8. Dammit, the only things that’s gonna happen is the rats are gonna get pissed at people experimenting on their brains and totally seek opportunities to bite the handlers and kill of all of us inhumane humans! Hell yeah we gonna need our bug out bags. (Written whilst experiencing conflicting emotions of fear and excitement simultaneously) Lol xD

  9. Wow, everyone get the bug-out-bags ready! You are going to need them soon.

  10. It’s only a matter of time….

  11. I beleive that what we’re standing in and sinking in is what some people would call “deep shit”

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