Experts have long known that population density is a major factor in evaluating a person’s risk of falling victim to crime, disease, and man-made disasters, but it is also the leading indicator of zombie survivability. But more than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and the percentage continues to increase.

According to the Population Reference Bureau, before 2000 there were only three urban areas in the world with a population of more than 10 million: Mexico City, New York, and Tokyo. As of 2010, at least thirteen additional cities have reached that size, and in the next ten years, the number of megacities worldwide is expected to double. Add to that another 381 metro areas with a population greater than 1 million, and it’s easy to see that the global community is crowding dangerously together.

So where should you go if you’re caught outside in an urban environment with zombies roaming the streets? Here’s ZRS Head Matt Mogk to answer that question with the help of our friends at Talking Dead:

Others will instinctively run to parks, transit stations, or other large public spaces, but where people go zombies go. Nobody ever thinks to head to the cemetery, in good times or bad. And you want to be as close to nobody as humanly possible.

An important point to add is that contrary to popular belief, zombies don’t rise from graves. It’s simply not possible. If you were buried inside a covered box under six feet of dirt, you would not be able to claw your way out no matter how much time you had on your hands. Zombies, being similar to humans in physical ability, are in the same boat. Not to mention the issues of advanced decay over time.

See you at the cemetery!


  1. Not only that but a cemetery often has resources such as fresh water (all though it will depend on the towns water mains remaining operational, a unlikely possibility) as well as DIY and gardening tools,hard wear supplies, fertiliszer etc, used in the upkeep and maintenance the grounds and buildings.

  2. I would never have thought of the cemetery idea. It’s genius.

    my idea would be to arm myself and gather survival equipment such as food of course then travel to the nearest field with a high hill to watch everything around me.
    It would be the best I could think of if being outdoors.

    I still must agree with the cemetery idea.
    Now I know where I’m going if a zombie outbreak occurs.

  3. If trapped outside, in an urban environment; my instincts say to arm myself (and my group) as well as possible, travel light (which is why you should always have either your GHB (Get Home Bag), or BOB (Bug Out Bag) packed and ready to roll, and get the hell out of the city as quickly and as quietly as possible. Try not to discharge firearms, the sound (if the zombies can even hear at this point, which is open for debate) may attract attention to you and your group. Make sure you have water and a way to purify water in case you are forced to survive outside and away from resources for an extended period of time.

    As I I spoke about before, be prepared and have a plan. It could make the difference in whether you live or die if faced with the horrors of a zombie outbreak.

    Your’s in Survival,

  4. I have doubts that a wide open, non-defensible area within city limits (most likely next to sizable populations centres) is a perfect place to ‘hide’ out. While the logic seems sound, I’ll take my chances in a properly fortified mall. The cemetery is the LAST place I’d want to be…

    • To clarify – this article is about what to do if you’re trapped OUTSIDE. A mall is inside- and if you have options of acceptable indoor shelter, that is always preferable.

  5. My top three is prisions, farms of woods. Prisions because there secure and armed, down side theres gonna be lots of living and undead inmates. Farms because there usally in big open fields, good for security. Untill Bessy comes for your brains! And finnally woods because their long ways from heavily populated areas and you can build cabins(if you own the land).
    If a zombie is falls in the woods, will another one hear it?

  6. Just hope that the zombie outbreak is not like that from Return of the Living Dead where it can reanimate the buried dead and the cemetery does not concrete fill the plots

    • It won’t be. Though we’ll never know exactly what the zombie plague will look like until it happens, the dead rising from graves is simply not possible.

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