ZOMBIFIED by Adead Song

Love this painting by Adead Song because it’s a little gross, a little macabre, and a little funny all at once.  But the words in the thought bubble definitely needed to be changed up to really give the piece a punch, so we took them out.  Problem is, the best we could do was “BRAINS!”, which is way too obvious and overused.  So we put the question to you: what do you think should fill that empty space?



  1. Chinese or Italian tonight? I can never decide

  2. “we can’t stop here…this is zombie country”

  3. “Rosebud…”

  4. “Heya Tom it’s Bob from the office down the hall . . .”

  5. “And when I finish rebooting your system, it’s time for a snack…”

  6. “when i’m done here, i’m gunna go get laid”

  7. Joshua Gardner-Hutton

    My last chance at getting hair is ruined!

  8. oh god, do i have something on my face?

  9. Do I have something in my teeth?

  10. Nobody but Romero and I can make these glasses look this good.

  11. Elvis Costello has left the building.

  12. “I need another trip to the dentist.”

  13. “Come here often?”

  14. It’s tearing me apart that i look like Jeffrey Dahmer…..

  15. “Paper or Plastic?”

  16. Die, dying, dead…Alive, kill, eat…

  17. joanne shepherd

    tastes like chicken…

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