Uncovering the mysteries of zombie hunting behavior has long been a focus for the Zombie Research Society.  Existing hypotheses include the undead stalking humans by sight, hearing, smell, and even touch.  Now ZRS Member, Jeremy McCoy, argues that the energy emitted from living brain activity may be all zombies need to find their next meal.

McCoy points out that the active human brain is constantly abuzz with alpha, beta and gamma waves powerful enough to interfere with radio signals.

“Zombies, having little need for the majority of these brainwaves, may simply be attracted to the humans that are using their brains.”

He goes on to note that zombies picking up on neural transmissions might be able to detect the living through walls, doors, and in concealed hiding places.  Of course, thick steel and concrete structures would still block out any signal.

In McCoy’s scenario, zombies would wander about in a blind attempt to sense any living creature in their immediate vicinity.  Once brain waves were detected, the undead would hungrily narrow in on the exact location to make the kill.

Right or wrong, it certainly gives a whole new meaning to the notion that zombies are forever seeking brains.



  1. I agree with Mike in a sense that people who have a capability to actively change their brainwave frequencies will have a large advantage over such an issue, if there were to be one. For some, it is a natural talent. For others, it simply won’t be possible. Smart folk will remember playing with Crystal Radios when they were kids, and get some neat ideas.

  2. What if we all did our drug of choice? That has been proven to at least slow down the functions of the brain. Less function less waves right?
    By the way I dont do drugs of any kind.

  3. If this were true, maybe we could come up with a “scrambler” of sorts that would nullify or reduce the brainwave travel or something?

    • Being an active member on a conspiracy site, I can honestly tell you that aluminum hats do not work. 🙂

      • yeah, aluminum hats are not the way to go…but maybe something to disguise the brain waves?

        And maybe we could even make a machine that mimics brain waves that we can use as zombie bate!

  4. i dont think much so im covered WOOT

  5. This could very well fall into the same lines as when a person “knows” he is being stared at, or is being talked about.

    Of course, some study has to go into the trances that monks are able to fall into, where they are able to alter their bodily functions such as breathing, heart rate, body heat; if it is possible to redirect one’s thoughts (put yourself in your happy place)…

    Wait, never mind. Something like that takes years… time better spent on building stamina and physical abilities (or, even better, find a local Buddhist monk and make friends with him).

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