We’ve already discussed the fact that zombies likely don’t eat brains because their jaw strength and mouth shape prevent biting through the human skull.  But a recent study from the University of New South Wales in Australia, suggests that the undead may possess more chomping force than previously thought.

The findings show that the human jaw can produce a bite as strong as our close relative the chimpanzee, even though chimps have a stronger skull, and larger teeth.  Paleontologist Stephen Wroe continues:

“Size matters, but efficiency matters more, and humans are very efficient biters.”

In fact, Wroe found that our jaws are 40 percent more efficient than those of the formidable gorilla and orangutan.

Efficiency of the jaw muscles allows the human skull t0 be thinner and weaker than other related species, since we are exposed to less structural stress when biting down and chewing.  However, humans still fall well short of the bite force of other larger animals, like gorillas.  We also don’t come close to the power generated by predators with longer jaws, such as crocodiles, wolves and even certain large rodents.

Though nothing in Wroe’s work overturns previously held beliefs about the practical limits of a zombie’s biting ability, it reinforces the need for further scientific investigation into the physiology of the undead.



  1. i still reckon that a calcium deffiency in zombies may be our greatest ally. when their bones break, they stay broken.

  2. i think i read in the zombie survival guide or on another forum on the internet, that humans only use a fraction of our muscle power because of fear of pain. zombies = no pain = full muscle use. which means not just jaw power, but they might be able to break bones with their grip, which also raises the problem of if and/or when they grab you, good chance you aint getting out of there.

    • Humans also don’t use their full muscle capacity for long-term survival reasons. However, we can tap into that strength in an emergency. There was a story of a mountain climber who had a 1,200 pound boulder pinning him to the ground, and he was slowly sliding toward the edge. He managed to lift the boulder off of him (even though the most ever lifted by i a single person was 800 pounds). In the process, he literally ripped his muscles free of their connections. So a new zombie might be uber powerful, but after a day or so it’s strength is extremely diminished.

  3. this brings back my armor argument THAT JEANS ANS A JEAN JACKET CAN SAVE YOU FROM INFECTION

  4. Zombies could still eat brains in other ways. They could break the skull open with their hands or something.

    Not saying they “crave brains” like some of the worse zombie movies, just saying they could eat brains if they wanted to. 🙂

  5. Unfortunately a proper examination of the full spectrum of zombie physiology can’t take place until we’re already experiencing the outbreak, barring the possibility the virus is a result of biochemical weapons research and has been properly scientifically documented; even so the information will more then likely not be made available to the general public. Variables are definitely not our friends.

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