Archaeologists have discovered an ancient mass grave site in York, England, that dates back to the 1st Century AD.  80 skeletons were found showing signs of extremely violent injury and decapitation, opening the door to the possibility of zombies.

Though some experts claim this must be a gladiator cemetery, lead investigator Kurt Hunter-Mann cautions against hasty assumptions, explaining that they have no conclusive understanding of what they’ve unearthed.

“At present our lead theory is that many of these skeletons are those of Roman gladiators. But the research is continuing and we must therefore keep an open mind.”

Though Roman amphitheaters are known to have existing in several settlements across England, no evidence of a gladiator arena has ever been discovered in York, which has forced researchers to fall back on the notion that it must be a graveyard for soldiers.  But the high number of decapitations squarely undermines this theory as well.

If this finding is the end result of an ancient zombie outbreak in England, the battle wounds and headless corpses could be easily explained.



  1. If zombies were responsible, it would make sense of the mass grave because in many plagues the bodies of disease victims are buried or burned in this case however the people with the zombie contagion, since they were a threat to other people they were killed and buried. Like I said before zombie like outbreaks have pooped up before but they are not well known I think more study should be done in this area. I just find it strange that many cultures talk about zombie like outbreaks it is worth looking into.

  2. It is well known that when Rome fell and outlying settlements were abandoned or the Romans integrated into Britain society, they used bui8lding materials to construct other building. A popluar example is when the Colliseum was partially dismantled. This would explain why an amphitheater was never found. Even as slaves, gladiators were regarded very highly and would not be burned after execution, as Ron claims.

  3. dont zombies need to have their brain destroyed not just have thier head removed. with that said does that mean there are a bunch of living zombies head somewhere?

  4. I hope this post does not get deleted like the last one. I have recently read articles regarding two burial sites in Great Britain. The Otter cave and the Eagle cave (or something like that) The sites contain a lot of human remains. In some instances the heads were smashed in, indicating blunt trauma was the cause of death. I found the articles in NatGeo. I posted the web link on my last post, which may have caused it to be deleted. I apologize if I made an error in doing so. Anyways, the articles are fascinating.

  5. [quote=John Farrell]Why just the bodies? In the movie “Fido”, it was the heads that were buried. Were the heads kept to study, used as weapons, or so novel that they were put on display???[/quote]

    Ancient civilisations using live zombie heads as weapons of biological warfare? Interesting idea…

  6. if this is true then what if some loony desides they want to make the zombie outbreak happen they are going to run straight there if they read this article! i support this theory because as they said unless most of the soldiers have been decapitated then what is buried here? but these corpses could have been prisoners that have been beheaded or hanged that might explain the decapitation.

  7. Err… Why would they unearth that!? What if the virus survived on the surface of the bones and somebody accidentally cuts him/herself with a pointy bone and gets infected?

  8. The Romans had Order XXXVIII which says to burn the carcas after beheading. Do the bodies show signs of being burned?

  9. The idea of a whole graveyard begs the question,”why?’ I just went back and reread the possible outbreak histories, I believe that this is the only one that involves burying many zombies. Three questions:
    1. During an outbreak, would you really hang around to bury them? Even in the artical “MAYANS DESTROYED BY ZOMBIES?” , the point is made against the idea of having time for such action.
    2.In the off hand chance that it was a small contained outbreak, why bury them?
    3.Why just the bodies? In the movie “Fido”, it was the heads that were buried. Were the heads kept to study, used as weapons, or so novel that they were put on display???
    The way I see it if you’re a zombie you’ve already missed out on the chance to push up dasies…

    • To clarify: the heads were ALSO buried with the bodies – just removed, bust still found in the same place.

    • Logically, wouldn’t they have buried the bodies to contain the infection and because a large number of putrefied corpses is a health hazard? If they’d intended to remain there, they would have had to have got rid of the dead, no matter how they died, once they had the situation contained.

  10. If the virus still exists, could there be any risk of infection all these years later?

  11. Wow, that’s wild. I like the zombies theory.

    That should be posted on my website in the humans section for zombie defense. Gotta know the news.

  12. Might it be possible to scan the corpses for DNA? If they truly were attacked by zombies, then perhaps (although unlikely) some of the virus may exist in their remains. We could use it to create a vaccine or an antidote.

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