Though he may never have made a zombie movie (much to our chagrin), Alfred Hitchcock is undeniably a pioneering master of modern horror in film.  Reflecting on Gun Pointing at Zombiewhat causes people to feel the familiar chill of fear right down to their very bones, Hitchcock observed:

“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.”

And isn’t this insight speaks to the true essence of zombie?

Zombies are the embodiment of a gnawing, constant awareness of the inevitability of death.  They  never stop.  They never plot, or scheme.  They can’t be bargained with, or shown sense in reason.  They have no meaning, no choice, not even a recognition of the existence of choice.  They’re simply forever shambling your way, trying to get just close enough to claw, to grasp, to chew.

Zombies are the anticipation of a gruesome end met at the hands of an as-yet unseen ghoul, who even now may be clambering towards your door.  What’s more terrifying than that?



  1. Zombies are scary because humanity is the scariest thing on earth. The fact that we are the only ones that can destroy the entire planet, makes zombies scary. Zombies are “us”. Zombies represent the worst of humanity. “We” are the only ones that will tear this place apart. Pretty scary, huh?

  2. I think we can all agree though that by far the worst and most terribly frightening zombies are the ones from Resident Evil. They have the shufflers, dogs, and those giant ones that carry around axes from who knows where.

  3. The slow moving relentless waves of undead are the worst. They never stop. When you run out of ammo and are exhausted from hacking away with axes, shovels, swords and your ball bats are broken they will get you. Stay part of a group and keep moving.

  4. On ZomBie less is Better then a Hord More

    Slow-Shuffler Zombies creep me out because you have time to think about what they can do to you. Just plain creepy.

  5. Shamblers are a lot scarier. I agree, the new-school, running, ninja zombies have more of a sense of immediacy but the inevitable slip-up on your part that seals your doom has more of a creeping horror to it.

  6. Zombies scare the ever loving shit out of me. I am fully convinced that one day the scenario will fall true, and when it does, I am prepared. I have a very detailed plan. I will survive. . In the meantime however, I beat my husband half to death in my sleep when he comes to bed at night from dreaming about zombies.

    Sometimes when I am out I get this weird feeling like “Shit. there are zombies around here.And then I go home. It’s almost an issue.Does anyone know any good support groups for it?

  7. This is exactly why the slow Romero Zombies will always be far scarier than their brethren from 28 days later. Although the fast ones have a sense of immediacy it’s all over too quickly. The slow inevitability of the shufflers give you time for the panic to really set in.

    • I agree with you, Trioxin. That’s why I prefer the slow moving zombies.

    • I disagree. The slow zombies are so…avoidable. The faster ones, while they may kill quickly (they may not, though. Who knows?), make for a much more dangerous enemy. They’re the kind of death Hitchcock was talking about–you wait for them, knowing that they’re coming, scared shitless, and then it’s all over. The shufflers just kinda walk around, waiting for you to pick them off.

      • not scary when they’re dead, amirite?

        • i think the slow ones would be scary enough in a movie but in real life, the fast ones would be scary as shit cause u know u would always have to be on your a game to avoid them

  8. Yes, Hitchcock was one of a kind. And just like a stumbling but determined pack of zombies, many a horror film followed on. Personally I prefer a good balance of action (to keep the movie smoothly running), visual terror (to make me jump in my seat), and an atmosphere of suspense (to keep me on the edge!).

    • the scary thing about the virus rabies esq theory is how much more logical it is …. when u think about it that could really happen mad cow turns 2 mad human the speed it would spread would be epic there is now way u could stop it… as far as the walking dead sure it would suck the swarms running outta food ammo things like that but its not as logical as a rabies style virus

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