Wired Magazine reports that the research and development arm of the U.S. Department of Defense, DARPA,  is creating a “prophetic almanac” that can warn of strange new viral outbreaks and mutations before they’ve even had the chance to evolve into reality.

Focusing on the endless dangers of ever-mutating pathogens, DARPA’s program seeks to develop predictors for the rate, location and likely impact of currently unknown viral agents.  And because the goal is to cover every possible outcome, one can only hope that the coming zombie pandemic is on their list of potential threats.

Wired reporter, Katie Drummond, continues:

“From there, scientists will be able to develop appropriate attack strategies in the right geographic locations.”

Drummand goes on to explain that DARPA’s “Prophecy” initiative promises to more accurately anticipate viral mutations and account for their widespread impact, which is good news for zombie survival, right?

Unfortunately, no.  We’ve already shown that the government, even with full advance knowledge of an impending disaster, is not prepared to deal with something as catastrophic as the undead.  So in the end it will be every-man-for-himself either way.  Get ready, and good luck!



  1. When a zombie infestation occurs stay away from army posts, malls and rural areas….better get your hands on an uparmor hmmvv, not too big or small, dont get tanks, that would a bad idea for transport unless you can make a large tank of gas that can go with it, i mean it wouldn’t be a bad idea for defense purposes and you better be ready not only to figh zombies but also any human that may want what you have..

  2. All governments can foresee the Shit Storm coming and never give anyone a heads up. When this happens it will be everyone on the news, TV and radio, saying stuff like… We’re not sure what’s going on and it so unexpected, why weren’t we warned. They know just as well as we know.

  3. I knew it! I knew they were working on zombie viruses!

  4. i’m kinda interested in reading this.

  5. Katrina Russell

    DARPA kinda reminds me of the Umbrella corp. from the Resident Evil films.
    hmmmm….I wonder…

  6. how funny would it be if after this almanac was completed it showed that all major diseases will happen on december 21,2012
    id just be like hell yea…..

  7. This is a good and a bad thing. On one hand, they are really trying to keep up with viral mutations. On the other hand, I can see some mad DARPA scientist sitting in his lab somewhere screwing with the DNA of a contagious super virus and saying, “I wonder what will happen when I do this…” and BAM! The zombie virus is born.

  8. I’m TOTALLY ready for this shit bro!

  9. I just hope they leave the doors to the armories unlocked.

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