The classic Germanic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, tells the story of two young children who leave breadcrumbs as a trail marker to help them find their way home while exploring a deep dark forest.  Not surprisingly animals eat the crumbs, leaving the children lost and alone.  Though their intention was good, their execution was sorely lacking.

When traveling about in a zombie catastrophe, consider carrying spray paint with you to tag anything important.  By using a simple code of dots and stripes, you can subtly label the world around you, making it easy to find your way back home, locate potential safe houses, and avoid possible areas of danger.  The clear drawback is that spray paint cans rattle, so paint pens and even a paint brush could be used instead.  Survival strategist, David Morris, recommends using some less permanent, but silent options:

“Carrying grease pens and/or chalk with you will allow you to mark points of interest for you or other members of your group.”

Even if you’ve lived in the same town all your life, and believe you know every inch of every building, marking your path is invaluable in a lawless survival situation.

When searching large structures, mark the halls you pass along the way, making note of the quickest way to get out.  The last thing you want when encountering a gang of zombies or unfriendly humans deep inside a building is to not know exactly where to find the nearest exit.  There’s no time to think at a moment like that, and your tagged path will allow you to focus on speed and nothing else.

Whether serving as a communication device between loved ones, or for navigation and crisis survival, a versitile tagging tool is an essential part of any good zombie preparedness kit.


  1. The spray paint can also be used as a blinding agent against hostile humans. If you’re worried about the sound they make you can attach a magnet to the bottom of them (although some cheaper cans have plastic balls so the magnet won’t do anything to silence them).

  2. Specops Samurai

    I agree this is a idea plan. And when the outbreak does happen you’ll need to identify locations quickly. When the stupid people who are not prepared are tossed into this situtation they are going to destory alot of stuff in a fit of panic and rage. Places you may know now may not be the same after SHTF. So you may want to mark up points of interest now and get ahead start.

  3. no people are not nice thats why you use your own code and don’t mark the exact location..i.e. instead of using an arrow to point to you source use three dots infront an = in the oposite direction you need to go. The code belongs to your family or group and you stick to it however in a building your are seaching you need to clearly mark all exits you see incase you cut off by anything and have to go another way to include up through a cieling. As far as assh*les and people that want to attact you…when the law no longer is in place they place thier lives in danger by attacking you…if they just cut you off ignore them sooner or later they will crash.

  4. That’s a good way to get yourself killed.

  5. and I carry spray paint all the time anyway…..

  6. Genius, whatever the marker it should also be a type that can be seen at night, or carry one of those glow in the dark pens as well as chalk.

  7. I love it! Chalk is now definitely going in the bag. My friends and i have a plan set up already, but this will definitely help add a new dimension to survival.

  8. Excellent suggestion. We have Sharpie™ markers in each of our personal go bags, but I’m going to make a note to add a grease pen or piece of chalk to each one as well.

    While we’re discussing cheap but important survival gear, you might want to buy a few packs of those trick birthday candles that are so hard to blow out. They make an excellent aid for starting a fire in windy conditions.

  9. Aside from your own preparedness, marking the world around you to inform others of valuable routes and services serves to advance the interests of humanity as a whole. In a global zombie survival scenario, there is great value in ensuring the survival of other humans and preventing their conversion into the walking dead. Through cooperative communication, society can be rebuilt, one chalked brick at a time.

    • Sound lovley, but If I have a family to look after, and there’s clue to a location of a dude with supplies… It’s just not how society works. People aren’t nice. Those guys that cut you off in traffic don’t give a shit today, why would they give a shit tomorrow when there are hordes of zombies milling about?

  10. Very good idea.

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