If your local community becomes a toxic zombie environment there may be no way to make yourself truly safe. With this in mind, here’s a simple way to evaluate their own city’s chances.

The Regional Outbreak Survivability Rating, or ROS Rating, takes into account three primary factors when predicting the level saturation a zombie outbreak will achieve in any given urban setting.

  1. Combat Readiness – What is the population density in your area? What percentage of the citizenship owns a firearm, or has combat training? Are there available military resources stationed nearby?
  2. Critical Infrastructure – Do the area’s roads offer many different travel routes in and out? Is the local climate and typography a strategic advantage? Can abundant natural resources be easily accessed?
  3. Civil Response – Are police, fire and rescue services highly trained in emergency preparedness? Is the local population psychologically ready for disaster? Are there ample hospitals?

For example Los Angeles, California, scores relatively low in Combat Readiness because of it’s high population density and average ownership rate. Despite a favorable climate its Infrastructure score is also low because transportation options and water resources are horrible. Finally, its Civil Response score is high because emergency training is excellent, and the threat of earthquakes has created strong cultural preparedness for disaster.

Los Angeles

Combat Readiness: C+

Critical Infrastructure: C-

Civil Response: B+

Overall Score: C+ 

What is your city’s ROS Rating?


  1. Joshua Wiebelhaus

    Lincoln, nebraska
    Guns: eh B+ (people are trying to limit our guns too and we’re one of the only states to not allow bounty hunting can you believe it?)
    Population: low (do I give it a an A for higher or C for lower because is low) hell I’m going to go with A-
    Civil Readiness: C+ (we don’t have earthquakes or huricanes we get the occasional tornado but that doesn’t effect everyone so no one cares much)

  2. Bandung,Indonesia

    Guns: E+
    Population: A++ (F*CK)
    Police: Many Corrupt

    Help Me!

  3. Green Bay Packers

    Green Bay WI
    Clay Mathews factor: A (and thats all we need)

  4. Beulah, AL
    Combat Readiness: A+
    Critical Infrastructure: B
    Civil Response: C-

  5. Chicago, IL:
    Combat Readiness- D
    Population dense, well armed, vastly untrained/ unprepared.
    Critical Infrastructure- B
    Lots of self-sustainable & secure shelter, vast escape routes, sizeable water supply,
    Critical Response-A
    Civil Responders highly trained & prepared for a vary array of emergencies, ample medical facilities
    Likely outcome:
    Initial outbreak would spread quickly in a concentrated area, population would rapidly retreat to defensible positions, allowing civil responders to confront the threat with minimal collateral damage.
    Overall Rating: B

  6. I live in Hawley Pennsylvania
    Guns: D+
    Population: A
    Police: C

  7. central new york. low guns, idiots as population, our police blow. we’re screwed

    • I live upstate New York, so I know where you are coming from, I would also recommend zombie survival for the Adirondack areas on Facebook to give location specific info to New York State ( not the city) I had to look to see the benefits, bit they are there

  8. Hey i live in pennsylvania and im wondering how my state would survive? email me at dragon4all5@yahoo.com

  9. I live in upstate rural New York, so in the guns category, I’m screwed thanks to the liberals and other idiots, but I have a few, and there are many trained people near by, it’s a small town so the panic wouldn’t be lethal, tons of farms nearby, my father works at the prison fifty miles away, and he used to be cert, so he has tons of training. Half our family works at that prison as correction officers for the state, so everyone has a bit of training and martial arts know how. Tons of vets nearby, and close enough to Plattsburgh to get supplies, but far away enough to not get run off from them.

    I would say Beekmantown is surviving.

  10. I live in a hippie town, that is mentioned in one of my favorite zombie books. Unfortunately, according to this zombie book, we become completely destroyed very quickly, and I’d have to agree. I’m screwed.

    • While your town would probably be screwed, that doesn’t mean you would be Katie, also while not many weapons would be in place in hippie areas, farms might be for growing food, and the tools could double for weapons, also add in if you have any weapons and experience, and then have a good enough bugout bag to get to better areas if needed

  11. Combat Readiness: A
    Critical Infrastructure: B
    Civil Response: F
    Overall Score: C

    The majority of the citizens own firearms (Ar-15’s,AK 47s, etc.) and frequent the town’s range and are among the best shooters I know. We are secluded and can block off our city similarly to the governors city in TWD if it came down to it. Our civil response is shit, we have a sheriff and a deputy and nothing else. Any number of our citizens could out gun The civil response easily.

  12. I live in Sweden and non of us owns any guns and we don’t have any military to count on… I’m screwed!! Good thing that I’ve prepared for the apocalypse!! 😉

  13. I live in Colorado. Norad, Buckley, Air force academy, mountians…

    Im ready.

    • Colrado, even though we don’t have many good independant “safe-zones” we have an amazing civil response due to all of our military bases around… so yeah we’re ready.

  14. Unfortunately, living in England, guns would be hard to come by, we have to make do with baseball bats and large knives, so tougher to survive, but not impossible…….my city Bedford has a few bases nearish, but would head for the prison where I work, at least it’s secure….

  15. brian lecluyse

    Abilene TX- local air force base, high gun ownership, lots of retired military, semi-arid, less than three hours from Dallas-Ft Worth; I’d say 50-50. Unless we can blow a few bridges to the east and cut ourselves off from the Metroplex. Sorry, those fleeing the Big D, hope Austin has room, head south not west.

  16. Idaho. Coeur d’Alene.

    Combat Readiness – Pop. 120,000. Guns owned? about 70% 😀 It’s Idaho almost everyone hunts. Yes there is the Air Force Base in WA that is right near us. Also we have our armory’s near us as well from the Army National Guard. I’d rate this a B because even though we have this not everyone would be ready and military bases and armory’s would be hit first by the civilian pop.

    Critical Infrastructure – Yup we have many roads in and out that you can use basically anything to do it with which also includes walking/running. Four seasons, High mountains and lots of forest land. As for food and water yes plenty in the forest, even more so if the animals are not infected. Rate this an A, we can get out any way.

    Civil Response – We have one major hospital and a dozen clinics. Fire, Police and Rescue are ready for such a thing. People in the frame of mind for it? Not likely about 40% would be ready I would say (as would my husband since he’s helping me with this lol). I rate this a C because even though we have hospitals and clinics plus the fire, police and rescue. We highly doubt the majority of people would be ready.

  17. I’m ready with what I need. My city will do ok. By ok I mean screw up enough to keep everyone busy while I get out of Dodge. Plus I have a few people I will gladly throw in the path of the coming Z wave….. no brains so they will survive lol

  18. Lincoln, Ne… Enough said

  19. I haven’t lived in the tulsa area long so I’m not positive if we would make it or not. I know I’m ready though. 3 16″ bowie knives combat ready and 3 katanas. see the problem with guns that will get people killed in the zombie apocalypse is they jam, you have to reload them, and most people can only hit a target if it’s standing still or moving normally at a steady pace. zombies are less predictable. they moved weird and it’s hard to guess whether they will run or not. blades and blunt weapons will save lives when the time comes.

  20. Azure'Ra Morganna

    Southport .. zero chance of survival. There may be the odd few that makes it, but the res of the town is pretty much fucked. All we have are hookers and crooked cops. People here are High school drop outs and on some form of medication. I would not be surprised if the Zombie Outbreak started here.

    And yes… I am ready for it to begin…

  21. Chicago and the suburbs…

    Combat Readiness: D
    A large population extremely restrictive gun laws has meant a low gun ownership. There are no military bases near by, besides the great lakes training facility for the Navy.

    Critical Infrastructure: C+
    There are countless roads in and out of the city and suburbs. We also have Lake Michigan, which would be an excellent escape route. If you were to make it out of the Chicagoland area you come across farms pretty quickly. The city also offers buildings that can be barricaded and made into fortresses.

    Civil Response: B
    The city and suburbs have a large police force, but we are knocked down to a B because I don’t believe the people would be ready for this.

    One thing that should be kept in mind is the amount of nuclear power plants in the area. We have the highest concentration in the nation and I fear what could happen from accidents, or from long term storage of the waste.

    • Lots of guns in the hands of the criminals in Chicago, Lots of police, with familys themselves. Want a safe place?: Glendwood Srings ,CO, 3 roads in or out easy to shut down either with less than 10 men, I mean really shut it down. Eveyone know how to shoot, each home with a gun for everyone and more. Large Morman population, with 7 years of food for many. I know helped build those homes. fresh water from Colorado river and a large stream, largest outdoor hot springs in USA.And many like myself could pick you off at 500yds on a bad day.
      Combat Ready: A
      Critical Infrastructure: A you thre lots of roads is good, wrong to many to block.
      Civil Responce: A+ 2 guns per person at least.

  22. rural South, neighbors a gunsmith, low population, most homes have more than 4 guns……..I’d say pretty good.

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