When the great zombie plague hits, conveniences provided by our modern power grid will be the first to go.  No more heat and light at the flip of a switch.  Recharging portable devices like phones and radios will prove impossible for most people.

Those few who have battery powered, or gas generators will enjoy some some level survival advantage, but soon enough batteries will die, fuel will become scarce, and the world will be plunged into a darkness it hasn’t experienced in hundreds of years.

Fortunately, portable solar generators offer a noise-free, maintenance free alternative that is designed to last a lifetime.  At roughly 65 pounds, the Solar Backup is an 1,800 watt generator connected to 50 feet of heavy gauge cable.  Simply roll it to whatever location needs power and start using or recharging your essential survival gear.

When the lights go out and the zombies come knocking, you’ll be happy you have an endless source of power for that super-duty, electric battle chainsaw you’ve been just dying to use.


  1. Honestly I would just be prepared to live without electricity. Humans have survived for much longer than they haven’t without it, so it really wouldn’t be that difficult other than getting over technology withdrawal. If you can budget for solar powered (or if you live somewhere that will benefit from wind power) then go for it. The more you can keep closer to normal the better you will be mentally, and in turn physically really.

  2. in australia there are solar panels on ever third house
    ….i’m thinking super electric fence

  3. I think this generator would be good once you get your survival place set up. But personally I live in the PNW I dont have a lot of sun even in summer. but a plain old electric motor used in reverse is a generator its simple you can find them almost anywhere the bigger the better. Hook the shaft up to a bike and start spinning connect the wires to a batter bank (good ol lead acid car batteries are great for storing energy for a long period of time, and can be found in every single car, truck, SUV, anywhere you might look.. hook enough up in sync and you have unimaginable power. also if you can get your hands on enough electric motors and can find some long straight tubing you can make impromptu wind turbines just hook the shaft up to the tube attach some fins and you have a wind mill generating power anytime the wind blows.

    Solar is fantastic but to limited. I’ve played with little electric motors and made everything from wind turbines, to hydro turbines, to pedal power, to anything that moves. Just another thought…..

  4. im sorry, but wouldent the freeloader on thinkgeek be better?
    also, those dynamo flashlights are good, you can gut the dynamo and hook it up to a bike
    all you need to do that is a butane soldering iron and some solder. not likely to be looted from a radioshack. the redcross sells these survival radios/flashlights that are both dynamo and solar powerd, garenteed for life. in the golden rule of survival, 2 is 1 and 1 is none so the red cross radios would be great.

  5. Better than no ideas at all?

  6. so many reasons to do it so many not to like it’s easily visible, solar panels die after roughly 10 years, you need sun and unless your in the old west not likely to happen the east is covered in clouds and trees so not a good option for here

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