We’ve already discussed the importance of building flexibility into your zombie survival plan (see: Zombie At My Ford Truck).   But ZRS Researcher, Corey Williams, argues that any single plan, no matter how flexible, is doomed to fail.

Williams points to a mountain of disaster preparedness and crisis communications data that shows no fewer than four plans are needed for any catastrophic situation.  Developed to reflect this reality, the PACE System offers an easy-to-follow standard for creating a successful zombie strategy.

PRIMARY PLAN – In a perfect world this is the plan you’ll execute when the dead rise.  You’re safe and secure in your ideal location, you have all your needed supplies, and your team of fellow survivors is in place.

ALTERNATIVE PLAN – This plan differs slightly from the primary, taking into account certain variables out of your control.  For instance, when the outbreak starts your chosen survival vehicle may be in the shop, or members of your team may be absent.

CONTINGENCY PLAN – When you can’t get back home to your waiting supplies.  When you’re in a different city, or unfamiliar building.  When circumstances render your first two plans useless, the contingency plan kicks in.

EMERGENCY PLAN – The emergency plan is an ever-evolving list of immediate survival priorities.  It’s a lifesaver when zombies are attacking your location, and you have just a few moments to make the choices that will determine your fate.

Unfortunately, the walking dead won’t call ahead to make sure it’s a convenient time for them to come clawing at your front door.  If things don’t work out just the way you envisioned – and they never do – you need to be ready to take the steps necessary to survive.

So what about you?  Does your zombie plan keep PACE?


  1. Huh, lets see how many plans I have,
    I lost count at 20

  2. The biggest issue I have with my plans is that the world of today owns Nukes. My conserns are that we will get the slow Walkers and everyone will freak out, lanch some missiles around and end up causing some crazier, faster, smarter Runners. I’ve been reading up on my nuclear survival and I would be fine so long as I follow my plans, but this conserns me more then Zombies. Trying to stay alive with Walkers, Nukes, and Runners. Man are we in for a world of fun.

  3. I’m concerned about nuclear power stations going critical without maintenance…….this is messing up my plans !

  4. 10 years ago my plan was to initially organize the neighborhood, and then move to the Target Warehouse that was about 5 miles away. That was before Max Brook’s book though. Now that zombies are popular, everyone has a plan. And everyone’s plan seems to be going out there solo like Rambo, or hiding in their basement for a year. My new plan is to sit tight for a week. Let all the action stars get themselves killed, then just go from there. Some people would probably cringe that I don’t have a 5 year plan, but screw that. I’m better in spontaneous situations anyway.

  5. well i know this no one here will survive the ZA for this simple reason. Evolution. You think zombies aren’t going to evolve? Well guess what the ZA you all are prepared for is 20 years old. First off what will you do if the zombies have any intellengence? Stem cell research is proving that it can create brain tissue which is essential to life.(brain tissue regenerates and thus repairs the body.) Also the brain stem is the only way to fully kill a person, undead or otherwise. Also what if nanotechnology evolves faster than it is today? When you all are running from the zombies i’ll be sitting pretty with a big red button and enough ammo food and pure water to last my lifetime, not to mention that i would have an end game if i was backed in a corner. You people watch too many movies and play too many games. This will happen and they will not be slow, they will be faster and in some cases smarter and stronger than us.(well than you i plan to stay ahead of them.) And if we find survivors please know that we do not trust you and will use you as bait. So you all can stay up all night patroling while i’ll be getting my sleep. Just remember have your crew picked and know what to do when encountering survivors and what check list to go through. And if you do eventually find us and befriend us remember that there is always a lil red dot on the back of your head and the second you give us the chance we will pull the trigger and boom bye bye baggage.

    Peace and may whatever god you pray to protect you for i will protect myself and those closest to me until the time comes that i must end their life and if i do become infected and i have no cure i will ask for daisy to be pressed firmly against my brain stem and i will not hesitate to pull that trigger.

    • I find it funny that you think you can accomplish all this by yourself. The entire goal of this is to separate possible happenings from what is in games and movies. An extended survival is simple once you get past the initial disaster, and that’s with anything. Also, you might want to read over what you just said, “they will be faster and in some cases smarter and stronger than us.” then you claim you will be able to get your sleep? It is near impossible to gather enough food to support yourself for a life time without going out and doing something, and harder still with a group, which is the only way to survive. But hey, maybe you will make it through all right and when you come out of hiding all the other survival groups will already be established in settlements and rebuilding society, so you can just mooch off them because you aren’t really prepared for the after math. Personally, I’ll do my best to prepare under not so ideal conditions, because, as this topic is about, It won’t happen how you or I plan.

  6. well i am set 96 plans and counting.

  7. dang, i need three other plans? i already have one which should work. the main objective is to get to Alaska (being zombies i dont think they would pack a jacket). and i have four sub plans. if i cant get to Alaska then i stay at my house which is ideal. if i am not at my house, my main priority is to get to my house, then the nearby gander mountain. after that its stay put or head to Alaska.

  8. Very True… I like the idea of this, however I would say the first three plans are all very close to the first, you wouldn’t be able to write the Alternative or contingency plans until you know your circumstances, who is not present, or what you don’t have that you would have wanted to… and the Emergency plan just calls on all your survival knowledge, but again is hard to plan until you know where you’ll be and what you’ll have at your disposal…

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