Al V. Corbi is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of residential security, having been interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, MSN, and other major network and cable news outlets.  In fact, his own home is widely judged to be the safest house on the planet.

According to Corbi, there are three key aspects to planning a safe sheltering environment:

1) Strive for total isolation
2) Establish a time period for safety
3) Define the protection needed for 1 and 2

He points out that no one ever really wins in a fight.  There are only varying degrees of loss.

With that said, Corbi believes that time, not force, is the critical factor in ensuring a safe outcome.  Time will neutralize any threat, or at least give you a chance to plan and execute a successful escape.  By contrast, force only raises the stakes and typically increases the overall level of danger to you and your loved ones.

Corbi also emphasizes that any security measures should be as invisible as possible, because the last thing you want it to draw attention to yourself, your shelter, or your stored supplies.

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  1. well anthony is right in some cases. the fortifications can defend you from smaller, more common attacks. were as in the event of a larger scale invasion of zombies, you wont just rely on your shelter. you will probably be fighting back with weapons and other things of that nature. also the shelter will at least hold them which will give you enough time to get together supply’s to make a run for it.

  2. I think that Corbi is right in the sense of human assailents but in the event of a zombie siege that enough zombies can and will eventaully will get through your defense’s and then you will have to run and then you will be on the run until you reach total isolation and then you will still have to battle the flu and things like that

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